Government Determined To Protect The “Green Lung” Of Bangkok

There is no denying the rapid economic growth of Thailand. As proof, a leading Thailand recruitment agency revealed that the country needs more manpower with the continued construction and projects being developed to accommodate the growing demand for establishments and infrastructures. While this is a good thing, the environment of Thailand is paying for the rapid industrialization of the nation.

In a recent move to protect the environment, the government of Thailand has announced that large-scale construction projects along with waste disposal are no longer allowed in the vicinity of the river island that is located in the southern part of the capital which is known to locals and tourists for its rich nature and evergreen environment.

The ban was ordered by the ministry of natural resources which specifies that the area around Bang Kachao which is situated in the province of SamutPrakan is to be protected and preserved as it is recognized as an environment landmark. The order also touched on the fact that the vicinity is filled with abundant biodiversity which needs to be preserved from the unceasing human activities which could be harmful.

The same order specified that there are six sub-districts that are included in the protection program including Bang Ko Bua, Bang Namphueng, Bang Krasop, Bang Kachao and Bang Yo along with Song Khanong which is located on the island created by the intersection of the canal and the river bend which spans a total of 1,900 hectares. This is just the first of the many orders to be carried out in order to protect the green spaces of Thailand and to encourage other districts to implement measures that will help conserve the environment.

Based on the new rules, commercial properties are no longer allowed to be constructed in the area including golf courses, factories, cruise ports, hotels and condominiums. It has also banned the construction of buildings in lands owned by the state. For constructed buildings, the height must not go beyond 9 meters while Thai-style constructions can also reach as high as 12 meters. This does not mean that Thailand recruitment agency will hire less manpower as there are continued projects in other parts of the country.