Google And Nest Merged To Create More Smart Home Systems

Smart homes are now the trendiest homes in the market. For homeowners who want their existing home to be safer in terms of security, wireless alarms in Perth are available to be installed either on their own or by hiring a professional installer. The smart home industry is a profitable one that is why many tech giants are aiming to develop their own products like Google.

Google is one of the biggest tech players in the world along with Amazon, Samsung and Apple. The IT giant is based in the USA and recently joined a presentation of their latest technology. On a promising note, the company announced that they have already merged with Nest which is also their subsidiary in order to lead its developments in the smart home industry.

The former managing director of Nest, Marwan Fawaz, decided to climb down from his position after the company was rumored to have been involved in some issues. Despite the fact that Google owned Nest, the company is still an independent manufacturer with its own brand. Now that the two companies are working as one, it is expected that the competition in the field will be stronger.

Nest was established in 2011 by a team of two people who used to work with Apple. For the past seven years, the company was able to release a handful of productsincluding security alarm systems, smart cameras, carbon monoxide and smoke detector, thermostats and smart locks.

For the same amount of time, Nest’s biggest competition is Apple’s Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Samsung’s SmartThings. Their products might be limited but it is advantageous on one end – the products are compatible with one another and can be used simultaneously with mobile technology. The big question now is whether Google will be able to revive Nest to bring it on top or it could do more harm than good.

With the demand of today’s consumers, it is expected that wireless alarms in Perth will rise in sales compared to the traditional ones which are wired. This is the demand that Google, together with Nest, has to answer in order to raise their sales against the competition.