Freeport’s Glacken Park To Sport Artificial Lawn This Year

It is quite common to hear about cancelled games and accidents among children playing baseball at the Freeport field. The culprit for these is the wet grass. This is going to change soon as the baseball field will soon be installing artificial grass rugs in replacement for their natural grass.

Robert Kennedy, the current mayor of Freeport Village, said that Nassau County has given them a grant worth $385,000 and they are going to use it to take away the existing grass found on the Glacken Park field. After which the land will be regarded before the turf is installed. An intermunicipal agreement has been signed between the county and the board of trustees last December 4 which grants permission for the project to start.

Glacken Park is located in the northwestern side of Freeport and it has a total land area of 2.86 acres. The village park also features a handball wall, diamond for the Little League which is within the regulation allows and basketball courts. Kennedy said that the baseball field is used mainly by the Police Athletic League and the Freeport Little League. Community organizations are also allowed to utilize the field. In total, the space is used between 800 and 1,000 hours every year.

He explained that the main issue with the field is the poor drainage system which is why it is common for water to pond. Before the games could start, they have to drain these ponds each time. The local government is ordering their DPW staff to visit the field to make sure there are not water before a game since it is always the cause of sliding and slipping among playing kids.

Michael Aviles, the president of Freeport Little League, said that during the season of spring around five games are being cancelled out of the total 16 due to bad condition of the field or due to rain. He added that a rain the night before a game means a cancellation because the field has to be prepped before use. He believes that installing artificial grass rugs will solve the problems as well as encourage addition tournaments coming from different organizations.