For Less Money, you can opt for a Mini Redo of the Bathroom

You look around the bathroom and shake your head; it needs to be overhauled. Unfortunately, you are not in a good position financially which means having to postpone the plans of bathroom makeover and the idea of buying a new vanity unit even if storage space is very inadequate for your toiletries. The best solution for your woes is a mini redo.

Pedestal sinks are gorgeous but they are not storage friendly. It is also true with some styles of vanities. You can improve storage space without changing the bathroom’s footprints and existing features if you add a small wall cabinet over the toilet to hide some of your toiletries. Choose a vanity model that is shallower than the toilet lid but complements the finish and style of your bathroom. It is not necessary to buy the vanity unit from the same company that provided you with the pedestal sink as long as they complement each other.

When you think your bathroom design is already outdated, you can simply freshen up some of the hardware without the need to buy new vanity units or engage in a major renovation. New cabinet hardware can easily spruce up the bathroom vanity with minimal investment. However, when you buy new pulls, make sure that that the distance between the screw holes are the same. You can also coordinate the design and finish of the hardware to complement that of the faucet, lighting and other accessories.

If your vanity comes with a countertop and stone basins, it certainly comes with matching faucets. A new faucet may not change the ambiance of the bathroom but it can improve the look. However, when buying new faucets, note down the holes on the sink and countertop because there are wide-spread faucets, single-hole faucets and centerset faucets. The right faucet will make your project more affordable and simpler to accomplish.

On the other hand, you can save on other areas of the renovation project to treat yourself to new Large Vanity Units that will look perfect on the master bathroom. The vanity units come in stunning designs, with white, black or beige finishes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but durable and easy to maintain.