Food Establishments As The Source Of ACT’s Night-Time Economy

Restaurant designs are constantly changing that is why it essential to undertake restaurant fitouts in Canberra every now and then to create a layout that is new and fresh. Competition in the restaurant business can be quite tough particularly in big cities and it pays to have something unique to offer to customers.

Canberra has more than 300 new restaurants and cafés over the last few years. These restaurants have collectively generated $3.2 billion for Canberra’s economy. According to a tool that was created to measure the night-time economies of Australian cities, it was found out that income from the capital city’s restaurants and cafes has grown by about 40% since 2009 with $572 million coming from the food sector.

Food establishments are the source of 69% of Australia Capital Territory’s (ACT) night-time economy up from 62% in 2009. More or less 30,000 people are employed in the night-time economy compared to about 24,000 in 2009. At least 21,000 persons are employed in the food sector.

The growth in night-time economy can be attributed to the measures undertaken by the government to cut red tape. Liquor licenses have also been reduced by 25% for small restaurants and cafes. Permit fees are discounted for outdoor dining establishments. However, according to restaurateurs, consumer preference is also one of the drivers of growth.

Greg Lally who opened XO last October 2015 said that there is a lot more variety in the restaurant scene aside from the fine dining restaurants. Customers are looking for restaurants’ that have a relaxed and casual ambiance. They want a change from the stressful and disciplined work environment.

People usually think that they are coming for the food but in reality they want the whole experience that restaurants in Canberra can provide. People have a lot of options and it is creating a sense of vibrancy in Canberra.

In the past, people only eat in restaurants when there is an occasion. They prefer to eat at home but the fresh ambiance created by restaurant fitouts in Canberra makes people more inclined to eat out. Aside from the good food, the visual appeal and comfort of the place encourages people to relax and enjoy.