Five Important Tips For Dads Fighting Custody Battles

Fighting for custody of the child in family courts is an emotional issue. Single parents need to hire professional child custody lawyers, who help them to present their case before the court and get a custody of the child.

If you are a dad fighting a nasty custody battle, here are some important things you need to know

  1. Hire professional child custody lawyers in Melbourne to represent your case. Fight to get the maximum possible time from the beginning. Be clear about your goals and fight for them hard. Whether you want the full custody of the child or aggressive visitation rights, be clear about the goal from the beginning of the case. Let the court understand that you are an involved parent and know about the child’s routines and needs. Offer the solution that is workable and acts in the best interest of the child.
  2. Search for good child custody lawyers in Melbourne to represent you in the court. Most of the single parents opt for divorce lawyers, who are not the right persons to fight a child custody battle. Shop around and ask for references from other parents who have gone through custody battles. Set up initial consultations with the lawyers and select a lawyer who you feel will help you achieve your goal.
  3. Never involve child support issues in the custody decisions. Hire child custody lawyers in Melbourne, who understand your need for spending more time with the child. Only then he or she can fight for your goal.
  4. Ask your child custody lawyer to prepare a schedule. The schedule helps you determine a workable solution to both the parents. Drawing a schedule helps to persuade judges and reluctant moms to agree to your proposals.
  5. Work out a positive co-parenting agreement with the child mom. Co-parenting your children is a responsible long term relationship and a nasty custody battle should not set a wrong tone at the beginning of the journey. The professional child custody lawyers in Melbourne will mediate between the parents to come up with a workable solution for both the parents. A positive co-parenting relationship between both the parents helps to protect the interests of the child.