Five Benefits Of Choosing Service Apartments

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination which attracts scores of tourists from around the world. Most of the tourists to the city are confused about choosing the accommodation. Bangkok has many options like, resorts, hotels, serviced apartments, guest houses and so on. Tourists to the city can choose an accommodation depending on their preferences and budget.

However, service apartment in Bangkok are the best option for big families and groups. They provide the perfect environment of home away from home. Here are some reasons to choose serviced apartments over hotels.


Serviced apartments are available in different options like condos, one bedroom, two bedroom etc. you can choose a service apartment in Bangkok that suits your family size. Most of the service apartments offer more space than hotels. They have kitchen, dining area, lounge area and separate bedrooms. The entire family can relax and feel at home in the spacious service apartment.

Home food

The major advantage of living in service apartment in Bangkok, is the availability of well equipped kitchen. You can cook your favourite food even in a foreign city. It is especially useful for families with children. Having a kitchen in the apartment also helps you to save money on restaurant bills and plan a vacation on budget.

Extra perks

Most of the service apartments provide extra perks for the tourists. They can avail the maid service or linen service provided at the apartment complex. Some complexes also provide world class amenities such as gym, swimming pool, etc.


You can find serviced apartments at all the important locations in the city. Choosing a convenient location helps the tourists to relax in the comfortable environment of a home after a hectic day of sightseeing.


The major advantage of hiring service apartment in Bangkok, is the cost. Most of the hotels and resorts charge huge prices and have stringent rules about room sharing. Families with children are forced to take extra rooms or pay extra charges in hotels. On the other hand, service apartment charges are per night and are not based on the number of occupants. Families and big groups can save a lot of money by opting for service apartments instead of hotels. Moreover, service apartments can be rented for different time frames ranging for a day to a week or few months.