Feng Shui Checklist Before Buying A Condo

Although many people are familiar with the term feng shui, a lot don’t actually understand what it is and the role it plays in a person’s life. To put it simply, feng shui is an ancient art or science that was developed 3000 years ago in China focused on reading and gaining knowledge of the energies in a particular space in order to understand them and learn how to balance these energies in order to assure good health and fortune inside a home. While most people would simply brush feng shui off, there is actually a good reason to consider them before buying a condo.

Certainly, the feng shui criteria for buying condos are different from buying houses. Here are a few condo must haves for good feng shui.

  1. The Location and Energy of the Building. Why is the location of the building important to feng shui? This is because the energy of the building itself and the location greatly influences the energy of the condo or apartment. Since you would have no control with the main entry of the building, it is important that you are able to choose a building with a positive main entry. The wisest choice would have to be a clean, well-lit main entry in a building with a good location. Now, there is also the question of which main door can have your lucky feng shui directions. You might be thinking that this is the main door of the building but in truth, it is actually your apartment door.
  2. Condo Level and Location. It is recommended that you choose a unit on a higher level. Why if you may ask? This is because the higher floor you are in, the less condo there are above you. This would mean there is lighter energy, more natural light and a better view and chi for your condo.
  3. Chi Flow and Floor Plan. Chi should flow smoothly inside the condo. The problem it is impossible or too expensive for you to renovate the floor plan of the unit and because of this, you have to choose the unit wisely. There are many condos for sale in Hua Hin and you would have to choose one that has a good chi flow.