Expansion Of Bangkok’s Sky train Expected To Triple Profits

Rungsit is a city that you can find in the PathumThani province in Central Thailand. Rungsit is a metropolitan city that is home to the Rungsit University, one of Thailand’s largest universities. Since it is not so far from the city of Bangkok, a อาคารพาณิชย์รังสิต is expected to be very attractive to investors.

The operators of Bangkok’s Skytrain expect that profits will triple over the next 5 years because of the expansion of the network. Commuters have high expectations that they will no longer suffer from traffic jams. Thailand was inspired by big cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo that have recognized the importance of mass transit for the people.

The BTS Group is going to extend the elevated mass transit rail network further across Bangkok. By improving mass transport and upgrading infrastructure, Thailand’s military government expects the economy to improve. According to KavinKanjanapas, CEO of BTS Group Holdings, they are prepared to compete for the bidding that will be held later this year for the $6.4 billion high speed rail project that will link the 3 international airports.

BTS Group predicts a net income of about 6 billion baht in 2022 with two-thirds coming from the mass transit business that is expected to serve 2.5 million commuters daily. The current BTS rail transport is serving 700,000 commuters every day. They are confident that with sufficient number of trains, they will be able to meet demand and avoid overcrowding during peak hours.

The BTS Group which is a prime bet for the expansion project has been the sole operator of Bangkok’s 2-decade old Skytrain system. The Group owns one third of the BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund to which it sold the rights for future Skytrain revenues in 2013.

Thailand plans to be one of the developed nations in the world by 2025. The BTS train which is the mass transport of Bangkok will be extended to PathumThani and SamutPrakan. This project will improve the quality of life the people and will also help attract the attention of investors to อาคารพาณิชย์รังสิตwhich is along the main road near the Purple Line.