Events For Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain professionals come by the thousands each year to attend events for their industry that both expands on their knowledge about the present industry’s most effective practices and gives them more accurate comprehension of trends, how to utilize available technology, and how to go from there. Every event has different features for their highlights, and as there are an abundance of great logistics conferences scattered all over Europe, attending all of them is virtually impossible. Time, budget, and availability are some of the hindering factors.


However, in order to make the best out of the limited resources to attend tradeshow logistics conferences and supply chain events, here are ten of them to look forward to this 2019. The elements these choices have been made include the quality of participants and insights, both of which to help businesses and have a true impact on the way they operate, making use of the latest technologies and trends.


February 19-20, 2019

LogiMAT at Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre


Decision-makers and exhibitors worldwide from service, trade, and industry sectors will come together to expand their existing network and find new ventures with business partners. LogiMAT is one of the world’s most renowned tradeshow logistics event, offering a bird’s eye view to anyone interested in knowing what is making the intralogistics industry turn. Exhibits will showcase innovations, systems, and solutions for the industry.


June 4-7, 2019

Transport Logistic in Munich, Germany


Munich sees this tradeshow logistics event every two years, where the entire world comes to meet for the biggest pioneering affair for supply chain management, IT, mobility, and logistics. It showcases 2,000 exhibitors and 55,000 trade visitors worldwide, encompassing the event in transport logistics’ latest concepts and developments and an impressive market overview.


October 1-3, 2019

POST-EXPO 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Postal express, operators, and courier companies, POST-EXPO is the prime destination when wanting to gleam noteworthy opportunities. It is also an event for logistics and fulfilment companies to discuss issues, relationships, and deals internationally. It currently has 3,000 people attending, and counting, with nationalities from more than 100 countries. The best part? There is no fee to attend!