Employee Reviews Put Rentokil In Top Spot As Best Company To Work For

Job seekers can use reviews to refine their job search. Traditionally, product reviews from personal experiences of customers make people confident about a purchase. Nowadays, accessing reviews like King Kong agency reviews from its former and current employees have become a trend before job seekers submit their application. There are several aspects about a potential employer that can be discovered through reviews.

According to Indeed, an employment-related search engine, Rentokil, a UK-based global pest control company has been crowned as the best company in Britain to work for. US tech giant Apple used to be on the top spot. UK-based Agincare Group came in third because of supportive management and good work-life balance.

At least 4,000 people are employed by Rentokil in the United Kingdom. The company gained top spot in 2019 rankings for job advancement and security because of the reviews posted by its employees. Most of the reviews praise the company’s good work-life balance and positive culture. Indeed based its rankings on the tens of thousands of reviews that employees have written on the company’s website.

According to Any Ransom, CEO of Rentokil Initial, their company is committed to long term investment on their employee’s progress and development including the creation of diverse and inclusive working environment.

Even if Apple slipped down to 2nd place from last year’s rankings, it is the only non-British company that can found in the Top 5. Apple employs about 6,500 people in the UK and the company has been praised by its employees for staff perks like free and discounted tech.

Aside from Apple, the only American name that can be found in the rankings is J.P. Morgan Chase. The rankings are dominated by British companies that accounted for 17 among the 25 companies listed. While job creation boom in the UK seems to be easing off, it is still considered an attractive market for job seekers.

Potential tech employees search for King Kong agency reviews before they decide to apply because it provides them with an insight on the digital agency’s work culture and environment. Reviews are now being used by employers as tools for talent acquisition particularly the positive feedbacks.