Electric Cars Seem Fantastic

Electric cars are environment friendly means of transportation that is making its noise in the world today. Smoke pollution spreads everyday because of smoke-emitting vehicles that is so in the thirties or forties but in the 21st century, the need to sustain a clean air is a priority in health so electric cars, along with self-driving cars are being tested and used in some parts of the world to ready itself for public acceptance and for product resiliency. Like Ford, not just known for its top notch cars, great service and its soothing Ford seat covers, Volkswagen, the “people’s car”, joined the game of revolutionary cars for a better future.

User Reviews

Sasha Lekach blogged in Mashable about her experience using an Electrical Vehicle that is Chevrolet Bolt and commented that it is saving her money and energy as the battery recharged in EV stations. Another Bolt user Wade Malone stated his opinion that it is good to have a car that is versatile: carries luggage, shopping materials or even 6 dining tables during his move with his wife to their new home. There are other Electrical Vehicles in the market other than Chevy Bolt, like Kia Niro EV and Hyundai Kona EV that resembles each other, closing almost tightly in features but is in different price ranges. Either way, Electrical Vehicle is unto another level.

The Electrical Way and Pollution

Electrical cars emit less smoke than the regular cars that uses gas for fuel consumption. It reduces up to 60 percent fewer emission than the gas hungry vehicles. According to Linda Brinson in her article entitled, “How Much Air Pollution Comes from Cars?”, that the United State Environmental Protection Agency or EPA reported that 70 percent of carbon monoxide pollution is caused by motor vehicles. Although 30 percent of the world’s vehicles are in the United States, the real deal of air pollution is not just in cars but also in trucks, ships, factories and facilities that emit smoke thickly.

This Is Our Choice

Cars like Ford, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet, these car companies have improved themselves as Ford seat covers have also improved for better design and feel. They have adapted to change with the changing environment. It has been reported that EPA declared 75 to 90 percent less pollution are emitted by the modern cars whether gas fueled car, electric car, self-driving car or hybrid. Electrical cars are a big help in lessening pollution through small smoke emissions and refueling to renewable energy, but if your destination is near, why not just take a walk to give your driving a little rest.