Earthquake Inspections Conducted To Buildings In Yangon

According to Yangon City Development Committee’s head of the Engineering Department, Daw HninEi Win, they are currently conducting an inspection at five of the township buildings located in the downtown area of Yangon to make sure that these are able to withstand earthquake. She explained that the list of buildings that is subject to inspection has been prepared beforehand but they are still waiting for the collected data before they can make any announcement. These quake drills are necessary even for hotels in Yangon in Myanmar to ensure that these are robust enough to withstand the natural calamity.

The department head added that the townships to be inspected are located in Pazundaung, Kyauktada, Lanmadaw, Pabedan and Latha. The result to the quake-resistance inspection will be categorized in three different colours – red, yellow and green. Red signifies that the building is a high risk because it requires immediate repair but it does not mean that it cannot be used for now or that it will suddenly collapse out of nowhere.

Daw HninEi Win continued that yellow means medium risk and it can still be used as a dwelling place. Green is placed for buildings that have passed the inspection and are deemed safe. She clarified that green rating does not mean that the building will be unaffected by quake but it only conveys that it is more durable therefore it will be able to withstand ordinary level of quake intensity.

The survey result will not be shown to the public unless it has undergone review by the Myanmar Earthquake Committee members. The assessments will look at the on-site inspections coupled by detailed studies in order to fully achieve a higher accuracy in the results.

These buildings are not new projects therefore these are not subject to laws and regulations. The total count of old building in the capital is more than the number of new buildings.

Once the findings have been perused by the Myanmar Earthquake Committee, the necessary maintenance will be performed right away. This inspection shows the importance of preventive tests especially in hotels in Yangon in Myanmar since it caters to many guests at a time.