DP World Launches Logistics Branch

Australians everywhere will have new options for their c, as long-time stevedoring company DP World Australia (DPWA), has recently launched DP World Logistics Australia, an offshoot company that handles logistics via offering transport and intermodal solutions in the country.

The launch of the new logistics arms is part of a long-term strategy by DP World Australia to expand its reach past the porting operations, which it has been a part of since the company’s founding from 2008. According to a company statement, the move is set to be done via offering new efficiencies to customers as well as stakeholders in the supply chain, which the company has dipped its foot due to the nature of stevedoring.

As part of this new re-branding, DP World Logistics Australia will also be handling ‘Botany Intermodal’, an intermodal business set to handle logistics storage.

DP World Australia’s Managing Director and CEO, Paul Scurrah, stated that the new DP World Logistics Australia brand and Botany Intermodal business, which operate in the Port Botany precinct, are both natural extensions of DP World’s international business network, which has 70 container terminals located across the globe.

He adds that DP World’s move into courier quote and operations, is part of the company’s growth, which will be done in a way that makes sense, since stevedoring is a key part of the cargo logistics chain. Additionally, he states that the new intermodal business works well with the company’s plan to develop new operations that go hand-in-hand with DP World Australia’s original stevedoring purpose.

DP World Logistics Australia is set to have Mark Hulme as Chief Operating Officer in charge of Logistics, chosen due to his 25 years worth of experience in the logistics, shipping and stevedoring industries. Meanwhile, the Sydney-based branch of DP World Logistics Australia will be handled by John Towers, who will act as Manager for NSW Logistics.

Hulme stated that Botany Intermodal is slated to improve opportunities for rail operators in the Southern Sydney Freight Line due to its connection, as well as improving the efficiency and the speed of services for nearby operations.

Botany Intermodal is set to operate out of two locations:

  • Park 1, formerly known as Sydney Haulage, at 1890 Botany Road, and;
  • Park 2, formerly known as Smith Brothers, at Bumborah Point;

Botany Intermodal is set to be one of the largest empty container parks across Sydney, covering an area of 15.3 hectares.