Do Alex a And Siri Understand SEO?

When the website was launched it is very likely that digital specialists have developed a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that will drive traffic to the site. However, the strategy that was used years ago has to be re-evaluated particularly if the website is an online retailer of consumer goods. Cloud Cartel may be able to help you with a new strategy because consumers today use a different approach to search.

Most online shoppers particularly millennials and the younger generations usually search for products using digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby. For example, a woman who is looking for a baby blue summer 2018 dress shirt will likely ask Alexa to help find the product. You site has the option in the drop down menu but dress shirt was omitted from the description because the keyword is not likely to rank.

Marketers must change their SEO strategies because there are many consumers that rely on voice assistants to help them search for a product. Alexa or Siri may not fully understand SEO because they are not the ones that will lose a customer but if you change your strategy, you might benefit from the digital assistant’s search.

Marketers need to pay attention because customers are using Siri to search for a fine Italian restaurant that will serve them a delicious dinner. It is also very likely for Siri to be used to find a dentist that is near the office.

Meanwhile, there is no defined formula that works best for virtual assistants and voice search because there are too many platforms at play. However, they have one thing in common and that is being able to understand human language. Experts recommend that marketers can optimize web pages for voice search by posting content that is relatively easy to understand, clear and descriptive. Use every description that counts in the beautifully written sentences as keywords.

When enhancing the website as well as content, Cloud Cartel will meet Google’s best practice standards while addressing current algorithm changes. Everything will be analyzed from the speed of the website to sitemap creation, SEO friendly content, website architecture and application of redirects.