Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Find Clients Before They Find The Business

According to an insurance company, decades ago they would have to turn into the Yellow Pages for their advertising needs. They pay thousands of dollars annually in order for their company to be featured and located by clients. It is the best way for consumers to find businesses before. This is the simple era of marketing. In these modern times, digital marketing in insurance replaced the traditional Yellow Pages advertising.

Nowadays, it is not common for consumers to find something online and buy it as soon as they see it. In a study conducted by AdWeek, it revealed that 81 per cent of customers are performing their research online to before they decide to use their credit cards for a purchase.

It is also common for consumers nowadays to use an indirect route when they are buying products or services online. It does not matter the kind of platform used, the responsibility lies with small businesses to locate and make a connection with potential consumers and not the customers are looking for them.

Digital marketing in insurance is important for the company to succeed because consumers of today’s age have the power to get information in just a few touches of their smartphones. It is important that a company should be able to engage them in various touch points digitally. This entails that an insurance company should know more about website design, SEO, online advertising, social media and email advertising.

The effort is all worth it because you get to know more about your consumers through digital means. It is something that businesses decades ago could only wish for. If you are not prepared to engage your potential clients digitally then you might see the effect on your business. According to Susie Blumfield, CEOof Sewtime Sewing Center, they used to hold events, organize sales in hotels, sent emails and help contests but they saw their customers getting smaller in number.

Nowadays, it is easier for companies to know more about their statistics through Google. There are now tools that can be used by companies. Digital marketing in insurance made it possible for companies in the field to get detailed reports, give emphasis on target clients, know the best time and day to engage them in and many more information they can easily find through the right digital tools.