Dementor From Harry Potter Captured In Photograph

According to a claim, they have seen a dementor figure resembling the fictitious character found in Harry Potter books and movies. The dementor was photograph at the top of a shopping center located in Zambia. Later on, the claim was revealed to be false.

There were photographs circulating which shows a figure shaped like a human floating above the sky. It appears o be gliding and looks like wraith. The figure resembles the Dementor which is a popular character at the Harry Potter franchise. The photographs were shared on social media at the start of this month.

An article was also published by a web site called Zambian Observer which reported about the strange image that was seen and photographed at the top of the shopping mall found in Zambia. The articles state that a number of locals ran away from the place because of fear that the figure might have been a message from God while there are those who stayed in worship. There were also statements from supposed eye witness who said that he was able to witness a drama at Kitwe on that day while he was at the Mukuba mall. A strange figure was seen on the clouds and it was hovering there for 30 minutes at the top of the mall.

There are people who are running away because they believed that God has come in the form of the image. The eye witness said that the incident was very strange because some are running from fear while others are worshipping.

The news was further pulled into the spotlight after tabloid publications including Daily Mail and Sun from UK stated that the figure resembles the popular character Dementor found in the Harry Potter series. Though there is an account made by an eye witness and two photographs, the story is a false claim.

It was later revealed that the figure was that of a kite designed by Martin Lester called Spirit Man. If the claim of dementors were true, it would have been nice to display the photograph in small canvas print especially for those Harry Potter fanatics out there.