Defending The Importance Of Using Thicker Asphalt On A Connecting Link Highway

It took him more than an hour to explain, but asphalt engineering expert Dr. Ludomir Uzarowski was able to convince the Timmins City Council why thicker asphalt has better value and more suited to the reconstruction of a connecting link highway. One of the city councilors raised concerns about the cost of asphalt that will be used considering that it will be thicker; however, Dr. Uzarowski explained that it is cheaper and better in the long run. Dr. Uzarowski from Golden Associates has a doctorate degree in engineering which means that he knows what he is saying.

The Phase One section of the highway is badly in need of repairs because of several types of cracking and serious depressions of about 7 millimeters (3 inches) deep caused by the travel of wheels or erosion from flowing water. There are also several drainage problems that need to be acted upon immediately. However, councilor Rick Dubeau who has concerns about the price of asphalt, questioned the thickness of asphalt on Highway 11 which exceeded the standards provided by Ontario Ministry of Transportation for major provincial highways like Highway 11. Councilor Dubeau thought that a thinner and more standard layer would suffice so that the city can pave more highways.

Even if the city always has a need for asphalt, it does not mean that building its own asphalt mixing plant is feasible. It is difficult to justify the investment because the city does not need a lot of asphalt. The price of the asphalt they are buying is higher than other places but it is still a fair price considering the amount they buy. The cost of operating an asphalt plant is quite high which makes it better to simply buy the asphalt from manufacturers. Actually the crucial problem with the Connecting Link is not asphalt but funding.

Some towns may actually need their own asphalt mixing plant when they are still on the process of buildings roads and highways. However, like the council of Timmins, it is important to estimate the costs involved whether it is cheaper to buy than build and maintain a plant to manufacture asphalt.