Da Nang’s New Campaign Focuses On Plastic Wastes

Visitors who have been to the My Khe Beach, located in the central coastal city of Vietnam called Da Nang, might have noticed a man-made giant Goby. This was designed to eat plastic wastes found at the beach. Since its installation, it has gathered a lot of attention and not just from the locals but also from foreign tourists who are in the area. These tourists are staying in hotels and villas in Danang therefore they are happy to see the local government making efforts in raising awareness regarding plastic wastes.

This is the first time that such a campaign was conducted in Da Nang. The installation was called the Goby project which was intended to raise awareness concerning the environment and how to protect it. This also aims to encourage the public to throw their plastic wastes through the Goby’s mouth as if similar to the act of feeding a fish.

The brainchild of the concept is Sarah Field who is a foreign worker employed as an English tutor in the coastal city. The banner of the campaign is “Feed Goby plastic wastes, not the ocean”. It was presented to the Management Board in charge of tourism beaches in Da Nang and the Son TraPeninsula which also gave the green light for it to be implemented.

In line with the environmental-friendly effort, the giant Goby was created using bamboo and palm leaves. The body of the fish was made transparent to see the amount of plastic wastes already collected. For the project implementation, a team of volunteers devoted their time and resources to create the Goby using only VND 7 million. It took them two months to finish and the funding did not come from the state. This is only one of the many efforts done by the local tourism department and the volunteers who are concerned with the ocean.

The chairman of the Management Board, Nguyen Duc Vu, said that the installation will remain at the beach for a maximum of three months in order to monitor the response of the public. This will not be the last time that tourists staying in villas in Danang will see such structure because, if successful, they are planning to create more in other beaches using other marine animals such as whale and tortoise.