Cutting Down Trees To Be Made Into Charcoal Can Wipe Out Forests

It is sad but there are some places in the African continent that have been hit hard by draught because of the shorter rainy season. The effects of climate change is very serious in Mulawi  a poor but politically stable nation that is why its citizens are flocking to the city to look for jobs or turn into activities like charcoal burning. Charcoal burning which is considered illegal has led to cutting down of trees in the forests.

The demand for more trees is further heightened by water shortages and power blackouts. Nearly all of the charcoal in Mulawi has been produced illegally but people have no choice because they need charcoal when there is a blackout. More and more trees are being cut in the national forests due to charcoal burners and the scale of destruction has accelerated in the last three to five years due to poverty, draught and the growing population. In spite of the military presence in the forests individuals and groups continue to cut down trees to be made into charcoal.

Charcoal burning has resulted into deforestation which according to the United Nations Environment Program is twice the world’s average.  The consequences can be grave if the government does not do something concrete to solve the problem. Charcoal trade can be difficult to control because politicians are involved in the business. Military deployment is not a long term solution to the cutting down of trees for charcoal but good polices on population control, alternative energy and agriculture may be feasible.

Soldiers are still guarding the forests but it is clear that charcoal burners have moved to a different production site. You can see the telltale signs of white smoke rising from the mountainous forests. Freshly cut wood is a violation of the country’s forestry laws and if people continue to cut trees, the forest will soon be wiped out.

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