Cremation Urns Washing Up In The Netherlands

Being what they are, baby urns are definitely something people don’t want getting lost and washing up on a beach somewhere else, which is exactly what’s happened in the Netherlands.

A Dutch shipping firm apologized for an incident, where three German funeral urns, full of ashes of the duly departed, ended up washing up in the Netherlands; on Katwijk and Noordwijk beaches over the course of five days, being found by a fisherman, a schoolboy, and a woman, according to a report from the Guardian.

14-year-old Maarten van Dujin, the 14-year-old schoolboy who found one of the memorial urns with his father, says that they found the urn, and, thinking that no one just leaves memorial and baby urns out in the open, believed that it might’ve been for holding drugs or the like, was surprised to find actual human ashes. So, the boy says, they started looking into the matter, and, found the situation surrounding it was bizarre.

All of the urns discovered had markings which noted the dates of birth, death and cremation of the deceased, located under their aluminum lid, and all of them were marked “For collection” from the Greifswald crematorium, located in Northern Germany.

There’s a crematorium, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, located about 470 miles from the beaches where the urns ended up.

The shipping company in charge of handling the shipping of the urns, Trip Scheepvaart, made a statement on the incident, issuing an apology to the relatives of the affected, explaining that the urns washed up on the beaches due to an accident. The urns, reportedly, were to be used in a marine funeral, but they ended up overboard before that could happen.

Company spokesperson Silvia Ross said that an employee was holding a wet box which held the urns, before they slipped, causing the urns to fall over the ship’s railing and into the ocean. She notes that these urns were lost, but the two of the urns already had their contents buried, and they were going to do the same with the third before the aforementioned incident happened.

Of course there might be legal consequences, as public prosecutors in Germany are looking into the matter to see if there is any crime committed, as the country has some of the strictest legislation when it comes to disposing human remains.