Cremation Expected To Increase In The Coming Decades

Different options will be provided by the funeral directors in Sydney to make the funeral as appropriate as possible for the family of the deceased. There is a traditional burial, cremation, non-religious options or religious ceremonies offered that fits the wishes of the deceased and the family. Special requests can also be accommodated.

Judge John A. Connor was a 3rd generation lawyer and long-time judge. His daughter said that the judge would have wanted a traditional burial but the idea of an open casket in the dimly-lighted funeral home did not appeal to the family. The family opted for a different option; the judge’s remains were cremated. His ashes were placed inside an urn that was taken to Shamrock Club where he used to be the president. The urn was placed on a stage beside a poster-sized photo of the late judge and floral displays; then the family had a party.

The event was not traditional but is the alternative approach that is becoming quite common in the funeral business. Instead of people waiting in line without speaking a word at the funeral home, the family members prefer a social gathering with an open bar and some dancing.

According to Andrew Ryan, VP and 4th generation in the Egan-Ryan Company, a lot of people no longer believe in traditional ceremonies and there is a growing feeling towards non-traditional approaches. There is no more darkness and serious mourning; instead, there are light and cheery celebrations with enough foods and drinks.

Funeral directors say that many funerals today celebrate life. Besides that, it is very expensive to have visiting hours at the funeral homes. All the other elements of a traditional burial like embalming, caskets, hearses and other ceremonies have become impractical particularly for cash-strapped families. Cremation is expected to increase in the years to come partly due to financial concerns.

The death of a family member can be frustrating for the family but the funeral directors in Sydney are available during the process of making the most fitting funeral arrangements. All the practical details are taken care of in behalf of the family so that they can grieve in peace together with friends and relatives.