Creating Beautiful Pieces Of Art On Hair Extensions

Even makeup artists and hair stylists need inspiration to enhance their work on human hair. It is not only art that provides them with inspiration; it can be food or celebrities. Ursula Goff, a hairstylist form Kansas turns hair extensions into beautiful pieces of art by painting Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Edvard Much’s Scream directly on the hair extensions using dye.

Goff said that she had the idea while washing her client’s hair. She pulled the colour palette from Starry Night and wondered whether it is difficult to actually paint on hair using the various colours in the shampoo bowl. Since she has been painting all her life, the idea appealed to Goff because it was the best excuse to do more art work.

Last year, Goff’s Fine Arts series gained a lot of attention because instead of creating exact replicas, she got inspiration from the colour palettes. For example, she dyed her client’s hair with varying shades of blue and green to resemble Water Lilies by Claude Monet.

In the hair extensions, Goff started the series with Starry Night. She wanted to execute the look while the hair extension is not yet attached to an individual’s hair for logistical reasons. In order to create art properly on natural hair it has to be painted in the natural vertical position which is actually difficult for a client as well as Goff.

It is easier to paint on the hair extensions because they won’t move while work is being done on them. The look can be preserved since the hair extensions will not be washed as regularly as normal hair. According to Goff, hair painting even on the extensions is time consuming. For example Starry Night took her 10 hours to create. Everything is done freehand without any stencils or projectors. She only needs to plan the colours because it would be tough to undo them once applied on hair.

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