Controversial Tree Cutting To Make Way For Office Units

There are instances when the health of mature trees can be improved by tree lopping in Brisbane through an expert arborist. Some parts of a tree may be in danger of dying because of lack of light, root damage or pest infestation. The arborist will carefully assess the situation whether the health of the tree can still be improved by carefully cutting back any affected parts.

Meanwhile, Andrew Roberts, a businessman had removed branches of protected trees to be able to build temporary office units on a private lane in Sarscow Farm in Eccleston, close to the Chorley/Leyland border. However, Roberts walked out during the committee hearing and claimed that the members were telling lies. He claimed that he was just protecting the users of the public footpath.

When the committee was discussing an application for a retrospective permission for the installation of mobile units at the farm with the main buildings converted into business premises, Roberts made the pledge that no trees will be trimmed. Roberts said that he will be using a low loader to site the offices.

However, when John Dalton, a committee member, visited the site he found the applicant at the back of a cherry picker with a chainsaw on hand. He was lopping off the big branches not the small ones. Dalton told Roberts to stop and showed him a copy of a Tree Protection Order which was being enforced on the lane.

The planning officers of the committee said that the temporary nature of the development and the fact that Roberts was given short notice to relocate means that he could go ahead. However, Cllr Keith Iddon encouraged the committee member to vote against the application of Roberts because it was an attempt to ride roughshod over a system that has been designed to stop farms from becoming an industrial area.

A professional arborist will carry out tree lopping in Brisbane after making an assessment of the health of the tree as a whole. He will determine whether the integrity of the tree can still be restored through lopping or trimming certain sections. If the tree is already unstable, complete removal may be recommended.