Cockroaches Wins At Parenting

When one thinks of cockroaches, they immediately think of them as pests that require cockroach control in Sydney or a professional exterminator. For those who have studied or observed these little creatures up close, they are amazed to know that these pests are actually caring too.

All over the world, there are around 5,000 different identified species of cockroaches and only in very small number of these species that babies or nymphs are actually taken care of the mother. Aside from looking after them, the mama cockroach also feeds them and created a protective burrow for her babies. One of the best examples is the Australian giant burrowing cockroach with a scientific name of Macropanesthia rhinoceros. This type is mostly found in the northern region of Queensland.

Between 5 and 6 months of their lives, about 20 baby cockroaches stay with their mother. During these times, the mother cockroach is gathering leaves from the surface of the earth and brings it to the burrow which serves as food for the babies. If you are curious and wanted to see for yourself, you can purchase a pair of giant burrowing cockroaches. Make sure to get the adult ones and they can be your pet for $150 Australian dollar. From there, you will be able to witness their characteristics as mothers.

There are more caring species like the wood burrowing cockroach which is evident in their intricate parenting behavior. The scientific name of this specie is Cryptocercus and they came from North America. The mother egg gives birth to their babies inside rotting logs where the nest is.

The parent wood burrowing cockroach will then spend a minimum of three years with their babies inside the nests. The parents spend their time in cleaning, feeding, extending and defending their young. The babies also take care of their parents by dedicating about 10 per cent of their time in grooming.

One of the most important discoveries of men regarding cockroaches is that termites evolved from their species. Though we may call for cockroach control in Sydney whenever infestation occurs, none could deny the fact that their maternal care is exceptional.