Cleanups Conducted In Long Beach And Seal Brach After Storms

The coastline of Southern California was looking like a landfill last month because of the storms that hit the area. This is why volunteers along with junk removal Orange County decided to come together in order to clean up the sand with the wastes that have accumulated after a series of heavy rains.

Save Our Beach’s founder, Steve Masoner, was very proud of the community because of how it shows that everyone cares. The organization is a non-profit that is based in Seal Beach which is conducting cleanups every month for the last two decades.

After a break in the series of storms that ravaged the area, the volunteers were able to come together in Long Beach for the scheduled monthly cleanup. Last month, the cleanup’s sponsor was Community Action Team, another nonprofit group established by Justin Rudd, which is based in Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Similar to what is happening in Seal Beach, the shores of Long Beach is the receiver of the wastes that is flowing from the San Gabriel River. The rivers mouth accommodates around 52 cities inland and it goes straight to the ocean which is in bordered by the two beaches – Long Beach and Seal Beach.

Rudd said that the animals that are residing in the water as well as on the sand should be able to enjoy a clean space to live in where they are safe. The same goes for the humans that are visiting the coastline right after the rain is over. He added that any amount of trash is already considered too much for the beach.

Masoner shared that it is inevitable for debris to end up in the shores once the storms are over but the situation is much better now compared in 1996. This is all credited to the scheduled monthly cleanups they are conduction. In 1996 and prior years, residents can see trash as high as two feet once the storms have subsided.

Since the non-profit was established two decades ago, around 150,000 volunteers have already come together. Companies and businesses such as junk Orange County have also pitched in their resources with however way they can.