Changes In The Standard Of Office Furniture In New Zealand And Australia

The new Australian/New Zealand standard on office workstations, office desks, and tables that will be used as office desks replaces the 1997 version concerning the workstation and desk. The suppliers are required to make their certification and testing current, and in accordance with the requirements set by the new standard. The general requirements, dimensional, and mechanical certifications must be updated and completed according to the latest test methods.

The manufacturers of office furniture in New Zealand must be able to adhere to the new set of standards to stay in the furniture business. Companies will surely look for the office furniture pieces that meet the new standard. There are companies that offer full-range furniture services to help the manufacturers. The services include the following:

  • Product design analysis
  • Product and component testing
  • Inspection and checking of retail store
  • Auditing

These service companies can help the furniture manufacturers to deliver safe, durable, functional, and well-designed products to their clients. The good reviews from the satisfied clients will boost the furniture seller’s reputation and gain more customers.

The Major Changes in the Australian/New Zealand Standard

The standard is not created to bring difficulties to the furniture manufacturers. Its concern is to enhance the productivity of the workers by making the workstation, chairs, and other office furniture bring comfort to the individuals who are using them. The more productive the workers are, the more profit they can bring to the company. A profitable business will definitely impart more earnings to the host country.

The following are the major changes:

  1. The sit-to-stand requirements for the desk are stricter than the standard set in 1997.
  2. The ergonomics requirements are also revised.
  3. To meet the new design requirements, the tests are also revised and updated.
  4. The 1997 separate standards for workstations and desks are merged as one in the new standard.

The time keeps changing and the technology keeps advancing. To be able to cope with the constant changes, furniture providers must be able to come up with the furniture design that will satisfy the current needs or requirements of the customers.

If there will be another set of changes in the standard for office furniture in New Zealand, the manufacturers must be able to adhere to the requirement. It is best to follow the new set of rules than suffer the consequences later.