Karon Beach Property: Is It Worth The Money?

Beaches are considered to be the closest thing to a paradise in Heaven. Whether it’s a white and or a dark-colored sand beach, every beach has to be beautiful, right? Now, there is a great number of beautiful beaches which you can find in almost every country in the world. For starters, there’s the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines, a beach island literally. There’s Bali in Indonesia and Miami in Florida. The world itself is filled with mostly water so there’s no point in being surprised at all at the point that there are hundreds of beach resorts scattered worldwide. And when it comes to beach resorts that are both beautiful and relaxing to stay in, Phuket, a province in the Kingdom of Thailand shouldn’t be missed out at all when choosing your next vacation getaway. And in case you are in Phuket frequently, it’s recommended that you get yourself and your family a Karon Beach property.

Karon Beach is considered to be one of Phuket’s best beaches. And according to experts, Karon also owns the distinction of being one of the most convenient beaches to visit and enjoy being under the sun. There are numerous properties which you can purchase in Karon whether it’s a condominium unit or a beach villa. And most of them are just meters away from the shoreline so it’s perfect for people who want to rest their mind in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. So the question is: is it worth it to buy a Karon Beach property? The answer to that question is: it depends. It depends on your capability to buy. It also depends on how frequent are you going to be in Karon. But, for those who want a beach that not too populated and has a good line up of restaurants that offer various and international cuisines plus the fact that you have a huge bank account, then a Karon Beach property is definitely for you.

Karon has so much to offer and its beach-line is one of those awesome things you get to enjoy there. There are other beaches you can find in the province of Phuket but Karon has one thing other beaches don’t have: convenience for visitors who own beach properties.

Bad Online Reviews For Trump Hotels Resulting To Millions In Lost Revenue

For months, internet trolls have been bashing the new US President, his hotels, restaurants and resorts. Bad online reviews are affecting Trump companies with lost revenue upwards of $100 million. According to report by Business Insider, a new study undertaken by online rating market technology company Signpost revealed that the average online ratings of Trump properties in the United States have declined by 40% ever since Trump became president.

Based on a research that analyzed 3-year user review ratings from Yelp and Google, 29 of Trump properties have an average rating of 3.7 stars out of 5. Before the 2016 elections, the properties collectively gained 4 stars. The dip in ratings may seem inconsequential but based on previous studies even a slight dip in online ratings can result into a substantial loss in revenue.

The research of Signpost reveals that a drop in rating may result in a loss of about $66 million for the next 4 years for Trump businesses assuming that the trend will continue. The calculations are rather conservative and based on most recent revenue estimations. The actual cost if the trend continues will exceed $100 million.

It appears that drop in ratings of Trumps properties is politically related. There are people who attempt to manipulate online ratings through fake and ironic reviews. In the aftermath of a scathing review from Vanity Fair that led to online users bashing the restaurant, the Trump Grill inside the NYC Trump Tower lost a full Yelp star.

The Mar-a-Lago, a Trump resort in Florida was subjected to scathing online reviews for weeks and gained a 2-star rating from Yelp. According to Yelp, they are actively removing both the positive and negative reviews that appear to be motivated by news coverage and user experience. The Trump Hotel in Washington has a 2.5-star rating in Yelp and a reviewer recently awarded the property with a 1-star rating.

If your desire is to be pampered by personalized service that exactly fits your lifestyle, your best option is luxury hotel in the heart of Bangkok. The luxury hotel can be your home away from home where you can still enjoy your daily habits like working out at the fitness center.

Condos In Bangkok’s Outlying Areas Predicted For Growth

Those staying in a modern hotel in Sukhumvit may be seeing more development for the local region in the future.  According to Knight Frank, condos in the outskirts of Bangkok possess a lot of potential for development, with the demand for them increasing in spite of limited available land for construction and increasing prices.

According to the company, the number of condominiums located in the outer Sukhumvit Road have had an incrementing trend for three years now, with an average increase ranging around 4,000 to 5,000 units per year. Knight Frank also stated that, last year, 4,832 units were constructed, increasing the supply.

Phanom Kanjanathiemthao, managing director for the company, has pointed out that, this year, the condominium projects went from hindering sales to being the reason for the launching of numerous projects by the company in the early half of 2017. Mr. Phanom also pointed out that the projects in the border regions of Bangkok possessed notable sale prospects, and that their prices might be following an upward trend.

Strangely, the supply of units in has recently declined in the past three years, as the more recent development projects that have been launched possessed buildings with a smaller ratio of units.

According to research conducted by the company, grade-A condominiums compromise 22 percent of the units, with Grade-B compromising 41 percent; the notable majority of condo units in the region, followed then by Grade-C, making up 37 percent. Worth pointing out is the large increase of supply by grade-A units last 2015, which increased to its current number from 15 percent.

Knight Frank has stated that this trend is a reflection of the inherent potential of the fringe areas around Bangkok to grow, at least, in the sense that the sales pricing in the area rises. The company believes that since the start of the previous year, the incrementing number of grade-A condos in the borders of Sukhumvit are well worth observing.

Condo prices in the region averaged about Bt 101,493/m2. This marks a notable increase in pricing compared to past years. For example, a unit that is priced at Bt 85,000/m2, is of good value, at least in comparison to the rest of the market.

Knight Frank has stated that prices may follow the averages in the region. If things go the way the company predicts, it won’t be long before the average modern hotel in Sukhumvit is surrounded by high-quality condominium units.

Where To Find The Most Affordable Homes In The UK

If you are a first time home buyer in the UK, East Dunbartonshire in Scotland is the place where you will find the most affordable properties. Based on a Halifax research, the area that is just north of Glasgow has an average property price of £97,089 which is 2.6 times the gross average annual earnings for that area. In fact, 5 out of 10 of the most affordable properties can be found in Scotland with the rest located in Northern Ireland, Northern England and Wales.

In London, houses in Brent cost about 12.5 times the average amount of earnings annually making it one of the least affordable areas in London for first time home buyers. The Halifax report also revealed that the average deposit that a first time home buyer is expected to put down has more than doubled since 2007 from about £16,400 to £33, 960 in May 2016. Over the past year, the prices of homes have risen by about 12% to a UK average of £200,000.

However, in spite of the increase in property prices, the number of first time property buyers has increased by about 10% for the first 6 months of 2016. Even if first time home buyers have to face the challenges of escalating home prices and deposits, buying seems to be a more feasible option than renting because of record low mortgage rates.

Based on recent reports, it is still very difficult for people to save money and be able to buy a home. According to the English Housing Survey, first time home buyers are increasingly relying on friends or family and inheritance to be able to buy a home. In London, most first time home buyers are couples with an average age of 30 to 32. Having two incomes is most likely the best way to be able to afford a new home.

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Helpful Tips To Consider When Buying Rental Property

Thailand – March 6, 2016 – One of the best things about owning rental property aside from the long-term and short-term income benefits is the fact that it can provide a landlord tax benefits as well. If you are looking for a good investment then why not try your hand at rental property?

If you are interested in buying rental property, you should know that the buying process is a critical stage and a mistake could end up haunting you for as long as you own the property. In order to make sure that you make a good investment, here are some helpful tips that you should consider.

  1. The Right Price. Determining the right price can be a complex task but with the help of real estate agents, you would be able to develop a good understanding of what accounts for a ‘valuable’ price in the neighborhoods you are eyeing. You can opt to make low offers and wait for the right opportunity however, if you do this you must act quickly whenever a good opportunity comes as they can easily get snatched from you by competitors.
  2. The Right Neighborhood. The right neighborhood is always the one where rental properties are accepted and embraced. A good neighborhood can be the working-class neighborhoods where businesses and tradesmen converge. The residents here will probably understand the nature of your work and may even place value on it. Make sure to take note of the crime rate of the neighborhood because good tenants are scarce in bad neighborhoods.
  3. Local Rental Regulations. There are localities that consider rental properties as businesses and not residences that is why you should know what constitutes as legal for both types. Be on the lookout for town-enforced renovations because they can be very costly. Effective research can do wonders for you.
  4. Parking Availability. You should know that there is a difference in parking requirements between rental and residential properties. For residential properties, almost anything goes but with rental properties, you must accommodate each tenant that is old enough to hold a license with a parking space.
  5. Safety Issues. When you are looking for rental property Pattaya, it would be folly not to hire a licensed home inspector. While you may think that it is a waste of money, when compared to what might cost you in the future when certain unfortunate events occur as caused by safety issues that were left undiscovered when you bought the property.

Feng Shui Checklist Before Buying A Condo

Although many people are familiar with the term feng shui, a lot don’t actually understand what it is and the role it plays in a person’s life. To put it simply, feng shui is an ancient art or science that was developed 3000 years ago in China focused on reading and gaining knowledge of the energies in a particular space in order to understand them and learn how to balance these energies in order to assure good health and fortune inside a home. While most people would simply brush feng shui off, there is actually a good reason to consider them before buying a condo.

Certainly, the feng shui criteria for buying condos are different from buying houses. Here are a few condo must haves for good feng shui.

  1. The Location and Energy of the Building. Why is the location of the building important to feng shui? This is because the energy of the building itself and the location greatly influences the energy of the condo or apartment. Since you would have no control with the main entry of the building, it is important that you are able to choose a building with a positive main entry. The wisest choice would have to be a clean, well-lit main entry in a building with a good location. Now, there is also the question of which main door can have your lucky feng shui directions. You might be thinking that this is the main door of the building but in truth, it is actually your apartment door.
  2. Condo Level and Location. It is recommended that you choose a unit on a higher level. Why if you may ask? This is because the higher floor you are in, the less condo there are above you. This would mean there is lighter energy, more natural light and a better view and chi for your condo.
  3. Chi Flow and Floor Plan. Chi should flow smoothly inside the condo. The problem it is impossible or too expensive for you to renovate the floor plan of the unit and because of this, you have to choose the unit wisely. There are many condos for sale in Hua Hin and you would have to choose one that has a good chi flow.

The Do’s And Don’ts In Home Renovation

There are plenty of TV shows about home renovation and the people who tune in have increased in number over the years. This shows that there are plenty of people who are into home renovation. However, the downside of having these shows is that they do not usually tell people how to budget carefully.

A good renovation to your house will surely increase the worth of your property, however, it can also be draining for your source of money. Whether you are having a renovation project in order to sell now or in the long haul, you have to consider the following steps before you slam your walls with a sledgehammer. Ensure that you do the following first:

  • Seek the counsel of an expert. There are plenty of local real estate agents who have an idea of what the purchasers are looking for and will tell you where to put your cash. You need to consider getting a property valuation by a professional first before you make a move in changing the appearance of your house. The professional valuator will make the necessary assessment on the actual value of your house so you will not result in over capitalizing.
  • Set and know your limit. Working out first on your budget before looking for an institution to finance your renovation is the best move. You can also give yourself some buffer and add at least 20 percent to your budget so that you can efficiently handle any unexpected costs which usually arise when you do not expect them. Consider also living in your house during the renovation process so that you will not have to shell out another amount of cash for rent and storage.
  • Maintain an open line of communication. Ensure that you have a constant communication with the project manager or head builder throughout the duration of the project. The sooner that you are made aware of the required alterations or added expenses, the sooner the builder will be able to address them properly. It is also a good way in keeping track of the budget.

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Why Is Regular Plumbing Maintenance Important?

Sheffield – Shelter is acknowledged as one of the most important necessities that people need and only a house can effectively provide shelter to a family. For this reason, it is important that a house remains in perfect functioning condition. Problems, however, are hard to avoid. This is the reason why there are home improvement projects.

Just like with the HVAC, a house’s plumbing system is also one of the most ignored parts of the house. Take note that the plumbing system is an important part of every home as it is responsible for regulating the water and the wastes as well as the heating and boiler systems of a house. Because of this, regular maintenance is needed for plumbing systems to work at their best.


It has been said that a homeowner should service his or her plumbing systems at least once a year. Doing so would provide one with numerous benefits. It has been known that regular maintenance is necessary to keep the plumbing system to perform perfectly. Doing this, it would make sure that there are no more unnecessary repairs to be done which would mean less repair costs. If you hire a licensed plumber to perform regular maintenance, he will make sure to identify even the smallest of problems so that they don’t turn to more serious ones that can definitely cost you.

When you conduct regular maintenance on your plumbing systems, you will also be potentially increasing your house’s drains. Remember that the plumbing system will work more effectively when there are no clogs and blockages.

Make sure that your plumber conducts thorough checkups on your toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, heaters, and even the main line stoppages so that your house drains and the entirety of your plumbing system works at their very best.

Remember that you, as a homeowner, will not be able to remedy every issue by yourself. If you acknowledge the limits of your capabilities, you will know that it is important to look for a highly skilled plumber to perform regular maintenance on your plumbing system. A great example of highly skilled plumbers can be found in Pro-Jett. Make sure to visit their website at www.pjemergencyplumberssheffield.co.uk.