Dementor From Harry Potter Captured In Photograph

According to a claim, they have seen a dementor figure resembling the fictitious character found in Harry Potter books and movies. The dementor was photograph at the top of a shopping center located in Zambia. Later on, the claim was revealed to be false.

There were photographs circulating which shows a figure shaped like a human floating above the sky. It appears o be gliding and looks like wraith. The figure resembles the Dementor which is a popular character at the Harry Potter franchise. The photographs were shared on social media at the start of this month.

An article was also published by a web site called Zambian Observer which reported about the strange image that was seen and photographed at the top of the shopping mall found in Zambia. The articles state that a number of locals ran away from the place because of fear that the figure might have been a message from God while there are those who stayed in worship. There were also statements from supposed eye witness who said that he was able to witness a drama at Kitwe on that day while he was at the Mukuba mall. A strange figure was seen on the clouds and it was hovering there for 30 minutes at the top of the mall.

There are people who are running away because they believed that God has come in the form of the image. The eye witness said that the incident was very strange because some are running from fear while others are worshipping.

The news was further pulled into the spotlight after tabloid publications including Daily Mail and Sun from UK stated that the figure resembles the popular character Dementor found in the Harry Potter series. Though there is an account made by an eye witness and two photographs, the story is a false claim.

It was later revealed that the figure was that of a kite designed by Martin Lester called Spirit Man. If the claim of dementors were true, it would have been nice to display the photograph in small canvas print especially for those Harry Potter fanatics out there.

Feng Shui Checklist Before Buying A Condo

Although many people are familiar with the term feng shui, a lot don’t actually understand what it is and the role it plays in a person’s life. To put it simply, feng shui is an ancient art or science that was developed 3000 years ago in China focused on reading and gaining knowledge of the energies in a particular space in order to understand them and learn how to balance these energies in order to assure good health and fortune inside a home. While most people would simply brush feng shui off, there is actually a good reason to consider them before buying a condo.

Certainly, the feng shui criteria for buying condos are different from buying houses. Here are a few condo must haves for good feng shui.

  1. The Location and Energy of the Building. Why is the location of the building important to feng shui? This is because the energy of the building itself and the location greatly influences the energy of the condo or apartment. Since you would have no control with the main entry of the building, it is important that you are able to choose a building with a positive main entry. The wisest choice would have to be a clean, well-lit main entry in a building with a good location. Now, there is also the question of which main door can have your lucky feng shui directions. You might be thinking that this is the main door of the building but in truth, it is actually your apartment door.
  2. Condo Level and Location. It is recommended that you choose a unit on a higher level. Why if you may ask? This is because the higher floor you are in, the less condo there are above you. This would mean there is lighter energy, more natural light and a better view and chi for your condo.
  3. Chi Flow and Floor Plan. Chi should flow smoothly inside the condo. The problem it is impossible or too expensive for you to renovate the floor plan of the unit and because of this, you have to choose the unit wisely. There are many condos for sale in Hua Hin and you would have to choose one that has a good chi flow.

Regular Steam Trap Maintenance To Ensure Money Savings

Steam boilers remain to be a popular source of heating for buildings not to mention that it is a critical part of a manufacturing process. Steam provides more value for money spent because it is very efficient in the creation and delivery of heat and holds more energy per pound than water. Many manufacturing processes rely on the boiler but there are instances when they lose steam or steam is processed inefficiently due to failed steam traps. This can cripple manufacturing and cost money.

In most cases, faulty steam traps can be detected during simple testing and maintenance routine. When the steam trap functions properly, it can effectively regulate the flow of condensate and gases so that the system’s thermal efficiency is maximized. However, steam traps like any mechanical component requires regular maintenance to perform effectively and efficiently.

According to the US Department of Energy, about 30% of steam traps fail within 3 to 5 years due to lack of maintenance. A steam trap with an opened 1/8-inch orifice will cost $6,640 annually in wasted steam. However, in most cases, a failed steam trap cannot be immediately spotted but there are signs like inefficient operation, increased heating costs, mineral buildup and corrosion in the boiler system.

While the Department of Energy suggests monthly or quarterly steam trap testing, it is often overlooked. Being diligent with steam trap testing ensures an energy efficient system, lower overhead costs and freed capital that can be invested back into the business. If steam trap maintenance is overlooked, it can drive operational costs up and divert resources from business-building investments.

If the steam trap is properly maintained, it can last for as long as 6 years. Failure of the steam trap is often due to an open position that allows live steam to escape and waste energy that is embedded into the steam. Steam traps can also fail in a closed position that blocks all steam from flowing through the system. Maintenance of steam traps are relatively easy to achieve by partnering with a local contractor like with the required boiler maintenance experience. This solution is just a call or click away.

The Pros And Cons And Transporting Via Truck

CA – September 17, 2015 – So you have finally bought shipping supplies to store your products but the remaining problem now is how you’re going to ship your products. Well, there are a number of ways to ship multiple items at once and shipping in bulk is always recommended because it saves a great deal of time and money. But the question raised is always how you are going to ship them and there are numerous ways to do this. First, if you are going to ship overseas, the mode of transportation would have to be via aircraft or ship. If it is does not involve oceans and great distances, then you can have your goods shipped via trains, vans or trucks.

With shipping Paper Mart shipping supplies via truck, there are two categories that you should know about. The first one is ‘for-hire carriers’ which are owned by various companies or organizations which offer truck transportation for free, or ‘private carriers’ which provides their own transport by leasing or even owning trucks. Either way, there are pros and cons when using trucks for transportation.


The first of the many advantages of truck transport is that they usually provide door-to-door services. Also, if you are shipping for short hauls, then it may be a faster and more cost effective way. For smaller shipments, truck transport can be considered cheaper regardless of the distance. The frequency of such services is also very high, meaning you can rely on them at anytime and as long as there are roads or streets to follow, truck transport is the most flexible mode of transportation. Give in also the fact that the shipments can be loaded and unloaded at a faster time.


For longer hauls, however, they can be much more expensive. You should also know that there are restrictions in weight and in number given the fact that trucks can only take so much that they can carry due to the limits on their size. Lastly, truck transportation is susceptible to the various changes in weather and environmental conditions. Meaning, if there are storms or other calamities, then transportation can take longer.

The Humanitarian Efforts of Germany in the Refugee Crisis

It is very rare for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be offered congratulations on her leadership particularly during the Greek crisis but with the stance on the refugee crisis, she is described as heartwarming, humanitarian, kind and warm. Angela Merkel is now being applauded all over the world for her willingness to take in 800,000 refugees and for being one of the world leaders who has stood up for humanitarian values in the largest refugee crisis ever since the Second World War.

The dramatic scenes and pictures the last few days from Hungary and the shores of Greece have strengthened the German leadership’s resolve but the 800,000 refugees is just a projection on how many refugees they can accept until the end of the year. The number is not definitely a quota or a wish by Merkel.

It is a fact that many people will try to go to Germany and everyone who successfully gets there has the right to an asylum hearing. On the other hand, Merkel hands are equally tied to laws and normative stances. Germany however has taken new pragmatism in a commendable way and Merkel is now leading this new pragmatism and making a virtue from sheer necessity.

Merkel has stated that Germany is capable of handling the increase but they need to be more flexible and less bureaucratic and that they have a moral and legal obligation to provide protection to anyone who is trying to escape conflict.

About 45% of the refugees in Germany come from the Western Balkans and it is safe to say that they will comprise the majority of the predicted 800,000. The government is trying to speed up hearing time because lengthy processing times is seen by many as the pull factor for those trying to escape the harsh Balkan winters. With a recognition rate of less than 1% in asylum cases, it is expected that many will be returned to the country of origin to bring down numbers in the future.

The government is also discussing the distribution of non-cash items instead of pocket money to reduce the incentives of coming to Germany. Non-recognized asylum seekers will be deported immediately and more efficiently so that there will be a proper management of migration.

Is Donald Trump Really Serious About Entering The Presidential Race?

Labor Day in America marks the moment when the presidential campaign turns serious. As summer ends and the leaves start to fall with the weather getting colder every day, the political stakes increase for the presidential hopefuls. Negative ads will start to fill the airwaves and candidates will no longer enjoy the luxury of a weekend relaxation because all thoughts will be on the political campaign.

Many view the entry of billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump into the presidential race as entertainment rather than a political milestone. Since 1988, Trump has flirted on and off with his presidential bid so that only a few seriously believe his entry in the presidential race. Trump has always portrayed himself as a political juggernaut who has built an unlikely coalition that includes white nationalists and Reagan Democrats while establishing himself as a Republican frontrunner.

Trump has made so many controversial remarks and most of the remarks would have ended a political career. Instead, Trump is building up real political organizations in early states that include New Hampshire and Iowa with his lead in the polls getting stronger.

On the other hand, Hilary Clinton remains to be the overwhelming favorite of the Democrats and she is poised to easily claim the party’s nomination. However, Clinton is plagued by a constant dribble of negative news from the use of her personal email while she was still serving as secretary of state to the threats of a populist insurgency on the left of the Democratic Party.

Iowa’s support for Clinton is dramatically dropping and she is now trailing Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire. These weaknesses have provided vice president Joe Biden the opportunity to enter the presidential race if he chooses to do so. While Hilary Clinton remains to be favorite Democrat standard bearer for the presidential elections in November 2016, it is no longer a sure thing.

Both Republican and Democrat primary voters have chosen outsiders instead of veteran politicians. Two of the most popular candidates for the GOP nomination are Donald Trump and Ben Carson; two individuals whose names have never appeared in ballots.