Defending The Importance Of Using Thicker Asphalt On A Connecting Link Highway

It took him more than an hour to explain, but asphalt engineering expert Dr. Ludomir Uzarowski was able to convince the Timmins City Council why thicker asphalt has better value and more suited to the reconstruction of a connecting link highway. One of the city councilors raised concerns about the cost of asphalt that will be used considering that it will be thicker; however, Dr. Uzarowski explained that it is cheaper and better in the long run. Dr. Uzarowski from Golden Associates has a doctorate degree in engineering which means that he knows what he is saying.

The Phase One section of the highway is badly in need of repairs because of several types of cracking and serious depressions of about 7 millimeters (3 inches) deep caused by the travel of wheels or erosion from flowing water. There are also several drainage problems that need to be acted upon immediately. However, councilor Rick Dubeau who has concerns about the price of asphalt, questioned the thickness of asphalt on Highway 11 which exceeded the standards provided by Ontario Ministry of Transportation for major provincial highways like Highway 11. Councilor Dubeau thought that a thinner and more standard layer would suffice so that the city can pave more highways.

Even if the city always has a need for asphalt, it does not mean that building its own asphalt mixing plant is feasible. It is difficult to justify the investment because the city does not need a lot of asphalt. The price of the asphalt they are buying is higher than other places but it is still a fair price considering the amount they buy. The cost of operating an asphalt plant is quite high which makes it better to simply buy the asphalt from manufacturers. Actually the crucial problem with the Connecting Link is not asphalt but funding.

Some towns may actually need their own asphalt mixing plant when they are still on the process of buildings roads and highways. However, like the council of Timmins, it is important to estimate the costs involved whether it is cheaper to buy than build and maintain a plant to manufacture asphalt.

Quiet Celebrations For Loy Krathong, And The Upcoming Christmas And New Years

Thailand quietly celebrated last November 14 the Loy Krathong festival without the normal entertainment and fireworks, and the government leaders also want celebrations for Christmas and New Years to be similar.

Loy Krathong on a muted tone

The government already mentioned that the Christmas and New Year celebrations could be arranged, but the entertainment activities must be toned down.

This suggestion was said following the nation’s quiet celebrations for the Loy Krathong festival, since the nation is at its mourning period for a month after the passing of His Majesty the King Bhumibol.

Many of the Loy Krathong sites proceeded with their yearly festival but also devoted the traditional floating of a krathong on the waterways in remembrance of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol.

The National Culture Committee’s suggested traditional and cultural activities observed during the Loy Krathong were the Buddhist-style merit-making, listening to prayers and dhamma practice, according to Tanasak Patimapragorn, the Deputy Prime Minister.

The committee suggested to not hold the Nang Nopphamat beauty contest and some other events like concerts and fireworks.

As a response to the suggestions from the committee, Wanthani Watthana, who is a deputy clerk, mentioned that there were no Loy Krathong celebrations in areas close to the Grand Palace.

People floated the krathongs at neighbouring piers like Tha Chang, Tha Phrachan, Tha Tian or Tha Maharat, according to Ms Wanthani.

The sites nearest to the palace were located in Santi Chai Prakan Park, Phra Athit Road and under the Rama VIII bridge.

About 28 public parks in Bangkok opened until November 14 midnight in order for people to float the krathongs.

Celebrations for the coming Christmas and New Years

For the upcoming Christmas and New Years, Gen Tanasak mentioned that these could be arranged. However, the committee’s organisers want to keep these entertainment activities respectful. He believes that every Thai practices discretion and acts appropriately in this time of mourning.

In sum, there are other ways to celebrate Christmas and New Years solemnly with a family, such as a Christmas or a New Year dinner in Bangkok. The toned down celebrations will mean respect for the late King.


Zoning Ordinances Can Restrict The Construction Of Self-Storage Facility

After fervent pleas from two self-storage companies, the Vernon Township Zoning Hearing Board has denied an appeal to permit the construction of a new storage facility. The board voted unanimously but according to board member Robert Franklin, it was made reluctantly.

Wayne Karastury is the owner of the property in question at 13211 Conneaut Lake Road. He requested a variance from the board since the property is located at Conneaut Corridor Zone and self-storage facilities are not listed among the permitted uses for the Corridor Zone and neither is it included in conditional uses.

According to Ashley Porter, president of Porter Consulting Engineers, the lot was not suitable for other potential uses and the requested variance only applies to the use of land and not on zoning requirements. The construction of a self-storage facility in the area has the support of the owners of neighboring properties. The property in question also lacks a public sewer which limits the potential of the land to be used for other purposes. As described by Karastury, the property is an open field that contains a bunch of weeds.

Jennifer Bryer is co-owner of AmeriStorage Self Storage in Vernon Township and Woodcock Township. While she is opposed to a self-storage facility in the location, she is not against competition in the regional self-storage market. She is also against an investor entering the market on a different playing field.

Bryer further stated that AmeriStorage recently sold land in the same location and configuration as Karastury’s property because zoning ordinance does not allow building a self-storage facility in the area. AmeriStorage bought land in a location where zoning ordinance allows them to build a facility. The board understands the views of Bryer and Bill Kingzett of Meadville Self Storage but Karastury was given 30 days to file an appeal if he desires to do so.

Many people need furniture storage in Sydney to reduce clutter in their homes. In some instances, a homeowner wants to buy a new set of furniture and requires storage for things he does not want to give away. At the self-storage facility, your stuff is safe and secured until you need them once again.

Why Is Regular Plumbing Maintenance Important?

Sheffield – Shelter is acknowledged as one of the most important necessities that people need and only a house can effectively provide shelter to a family. For this reason, it is important that a house remains in perfect functioning condition. Problems, however, are hard to avoid. This is the reason why there are home improvement projects.

Just like with the HVAC, a house’s plumbing system is also one of the most ignored parts of the house. Take note that the plumbing system is an important part of every home as it is responsible for regulating the water and the wastes as well as the heating and boiler systems of a house. Because of this, regular maintenance is needed for plumbing systems to work at their best.


It has been said that a homeowner should service his or her plumbing systems at least once a year. Doing so would provide one with numerous benefits. It has been known that regular maintenance is necessary to keep the plumbing system to perform perfectly. Doing this, it would make sure that there are no more unnecessary repairs to be done which would mean less repair costs. If you hire a licensed plumber to perform regular maintenance, he will make sure to identify even the smallest of problems so that they don’t turn to more serious ones that can definitely cost you.

When you conduct regular maintenance on your plumbing systems, you will also be potentially increasing your house’s drains. Remember that the plumbing system will work more effectively when there are no clogs and blockages.

Make sure that your plumber conducts thorough checkups on your toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, heaters, and even the main line stoppages so that your house drains and the entirety of your plumbing system works at their very best.

Remember that you, as a homeowner, will not be able to remedy every issue by yourself. If you acknowledge the limits of your capabilities, you will know that it is important to look for a highly skilled plumber to perform regular maintenance on your plumbing system. A great example of highly skilled plumbers can be found in Pro-Jett. Make sure to visit their website at

Is Donald Trump Really Serious About Entering The Presidential Race?

Labor Day in America marks the moment when the presidential campaign turns serious. As summer ends and the leaves start to fall with the weather getting colder every day, the political stakes increase for the presidential hopefuls. Negative ads will start to fill the airwaves and candidates will no longer enjoy the luxury of a weekend relaxation because all thoughts will be on the political campaign.

Many view the entry of billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump into the presidential race as entertainment rather than a political milestone. Since 1988, Trump has flirted on and off with his presidential bid so that only a few seriously believe his entry in the presidential race. Trump has always portrayed himself as a political juggernaut who has built an unlikely coalition that includes white nationalists and Reagan Democrats while establishing himself as a Republican frontrunner.

Trump has made so many controversial remarks and most of the remarks would have ended a political career. Instead, Trump is building up real political organizations in early states that include New Hampshire and Iowa with his lead in the polls getting stronger.

On the other hand, Hilary Clinton remains to be the overwhelming favorite of the Democrats and she is poised to easily claim the party’s nomination. However, Clinton is plagued by a constant dribble of negative news from the use of her personal email while she was still serving as secretary of state to the threats of a populist insurgency on the left of the Democratic Party.

Iowa’s support for Clinton is dramatically dropping and she is now trailing Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire. These weaknesses have provided vice president Joe Biden the opportunity to enter the presidential race if he chooses to do so. While Hilary Clinton remains to be favorite Democrat standard bearer for the presidential elections in November 2016, it is no longer a sure thing.

Both Republican and Democrat primary voters have chosen outsiders instead of veteran politicians. Two of the most popular candidates for the GOP nomination are Donald Trump and Ben Carson; two individuals whose names have never appeared in ballots.