Reviving Old Metro Cars

Metro is currently planning to dress up its rail cars which are an old series – 3000 and 6000. The transit agency made an announcement through a YouTube video upload that they are going to refurbish a number of rail cars from the 3000 and 6000 series in order for them to look uniform with the new trains. This entails wrapping the cars with a silver vinyl which is the same as the exterior of the new 7000 series. This is not a new method as car vinyl wrap in Brisbane is common to give vehicles a new look.

Aside from the vinyl wrap, the carpet will also be changed to one that has confetti print, flooring that is non-stick and the seats will be fitted with blue padding. As a start, two rail cars under the 6000 series will undergo the renovation. Aside from looking clean, Metro also want their rail cars to have a uniform look which is expected to save agency money for the long-term goal. Richard L. Jordan, the spokesman of the agency, said that the biggest change will be evident in the vinyl wrap which will cost $4,776.

Metro said that they will be able to save almost $60,000 in the long run while helping in waste reduction in the environment. The agency did not reveal any specific detail regarding the cost-benefit analysis but they said that painting the rail car will set them back $14,000. The vinyl wrap, on the other hand, will last longer in comparison to paint job.

Metro did not say how often the painting job is done on their rail cars or how long the vinyl wrap will last compared to the paint. As stated by the agency, the painting job is determined based on the condition of the cars or if there are unexpected situation such as graffiti painted over it.

Aside from the cost, painting also takes a lot of time thus for the entire duration the car will not be used as it is being serviced. Several coats are needed to achieve the right painting job and safety protocols must be followed because chemicals are utilized during this process. This is one of the advantages of using wraps over painting. This is the same reason why car vinyl wrap in Brisbane is favoured by car owners as it saves time and money.


For Less Money, you can opt for a Mini Redo of the Bathroom

You look around the bathroom and shake your head; it needs to be overhauled. Unfortunately, you are not in a good position financially which means having to postpone the plans of bathroom makeover and the idea of buying a new vanity unit even if storage space is very inadequate for your toiletries. The best solution for your woes is a mini redo.

Pedestal sinks are gorgeous but they are not storage friendly. It is also true with some styles of vanities. You can improve storage space without changing the bathroom’s footprints and existing features if you add a small wall cabinet over the toilet to hide some of your toiletries. Choose a vanity model that is shallower than the toilet lid but complements the finish and style of your bathroom. It is not necessary to buy the vanity unit from the same company that provided you with the pedestal sink as long as they complement each other.

When you think your bathroom design is already outdated, you can simply freshen up some of the hardware without the need to buy new vanity units or engage in a major renovation. New cabinet hardware can easily spruce up the bathroom vanity with minimal investment. However, when you buy new pulls, make sure that that the distance between the screw holes are the same. You can also coordinate the design and finish of the hardware to complement that of the faucet, lighting and other accessories.

If your vanity comes with a countertop and stone basins, it certainly comes with matching faucets. A new faucet may not change the ambiance of the bathroom but it can improve the look. However, when buying new faucets, note down the holes on the sink and countertop because there are wide-spread faucets, single-hole faucets and centerset faucets. The right faucet will make your project more affordable and simpler to accomplish.

On the other hand, you can save on other areas of the renovation project to treat yourself to new Large Vanity Units that will look perfect on the master bathroom. The vanity units come in stunning designs, with white, black or beige finishes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but durable and easy to maintain.


Creating Beautiful Pieces Of Art On Hair Extensions

Even makeup artists and hair stylists need inspiration to enhance their work on human hair. It is not only art that provides them with inspiration; it can be food or celebrities. Ursula Goff, a hairstylist form Kansas turns hair extensions into beautiful pieces of art by painting Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Edvard Much’s Scream directly on the hair extensions using dye.

Goff said that she had the idea while washing her client’s hair. She pulled the colour palette from Starry Night and wondered whether it is difficult to actually paint on hair using the various colours in the shampoo bowl. Since she has been painting all her life, the idea appealed to Goff because it was the best excuse to do more art work.

Last year, Goff’s Fine Arts series gained a lot of attention because instead of creating exact replicas, she got inspiration from the colour palettes. For example, she dyed her client’s hair with varying shades of blue and green to resemble Water Lilies by Claude Monet.

In the hair extensions, Goff started the series with Starry Night. She wanted to execute the look while the hair extension is not yet attached to an individual’s hair for logistical reasons. In order to create art properly on natural hair it has to be painted in the natural vertical position which is actually difficult for a client as well as Goff.

It is easier to paint on the hair extensions because they won’t move while work is being done on them. The look can be preserved since the hair extensions will not be washed as regularly as normal hair. According to Goff, hair painting even on the extensions is time consuming. For example Starry Night took her 10 hours to create. Everything is done freehand without any stencils or projectors. She only needs to plan the colours because it would be tough to undo them once applied on hair.

You can book for an appointment online for hair extensions in Bondi. Professional hair stylists will make sure that you hair looks its best and the hairstyle matches your personality, appearance and lifestyle.

Tips For Effective Building &Pest Inspections In Gold Coast

The presence of pests and insects in your property will not only damage your structure, they are also health hazards to your family. The moment you see signs of pests in your area, look for a qualified exterminator to schedule building & pest inspections in Gold Coast right away.  To find a reliable company for the job, take a look at these ideas.

Identify your exterminating needs

Different types of pests and insects can attack or inhabit in your property. Before you schedule a building inspection, try to identify the pests in your area. Some insects and pest show visible and obvious signs such as termites, ants, rodents, spiders, mosquitoes and other pests. However, there are those that do not display visible signs so you can just refer to the damages they incur on your furniture or property or you can also referto insect bites on your skin as a proof of the pest’s presence in your home. If you cannot determine what the insects are, just inform the exterminators where you last saw signs of insects and they will be the one to identify it during the inspection.

Search for reliable service providers

When you have all the information the pest controllers might need, the next thing to do is look for a qualified pest controller. You can check the yellow pages for building & pest inspections in Gold Coast or you can also refer to the internet for information. Some of your neighbours might know an effective pest controller so you might want to ask them for recommendation.

Ask for the extermination process

Choose a service provider that utilizeseffective yet safe pest control solutions.  The methods should be within the world’s safety standards. It would also be better if the exterminator uses eco-friendly solutions against pests. Avoid providers for building & pest inspections in Gold Coast that uses harmful chemicals because they might harm your family or pets and even the environment. As much as possible, choose a pest controller that uses water-based products or solutions.


Developers Aim Rich Foreign Investments For Beach Villa In Thailand

Regardless if you are planning to take a vacation at a beach villa in Thailand or in some fancy hotel elsewhere, it’s important that you plan your vacation properly because vacation can be really expensive especially if you’re planning a vacation abroad. The good news for beach lovers, there is a growing number of beach villa in Thailand which you can choose from that will give you a relaxing vacation experience like a star. Furthermore, real estate developers in Thailand, especially in the beautiful island of Koh Tao are already gunning for higher sales of private vacation properties especially those involving foreign buyers. In fact, there has been an amazing increase in numbers of foreign nationals who own various vacation properties within the kingdom whether it’s a nice beach villa in Thailand or a resort in the island of Koh Tao.


Whenever investors invest on vacation properties, they can use it on personal purposes or they can have it rented out by fellow vacationists. This is the reason why vacation properties are continuing to attract investors from neighbouring Asian nations such as Singapore, Hong Kong and yes, even China due to the mere fact that it’s more profitable to rent out a property than to actually sell it. And, the mere fact that Thailand is selling these properties at reasonably lower rates, the more investors are being tempted to bite the bait. In fact, a local developer is aiming to sell at least, 212 million Dollars’ worth of properties to buyers from other countries which is a 40% increase compared to last year’s value. In addition to this, 2016 saw a 55% growth in foreign sales in 84% of these buyers are primarily from neighbouring Asian countries.


This year, one of Thailand’s leading real estate developers is planning to launch 19 different projects that have a total value of 1.2 billion Dollars which can help furthermore boost Thailand’s growing tourism. Potential buyers will be from Singapore, mainland China and even Taiwan. Investors will benefit both from buying and having the properties rented out because they can easily make money by renting it out and they will also have their own vacation house which they can use if they are visiting Thailand.

How To Reduce Costs For Luxurious Koh Samui Villa

Going on vacation across countries would require a sizable amount and may even require you to save up for several months just to complete the money that you would need for the entire vacation. The accommodation alone for a Koh Samui villa would already slash a good chunk on your holiday budget plus your airfare expenses, local transportation, food, shopping and other contingencies. The good news is that there are ways for you to reduce your travel expenses without compromising the quality of your vacation. Here’s how.

Allocate a holiday budget

Your budget is an important aspect of your vacation. List down all the things that you would need to spend on and allocate a budget for each item. This will give you an estimate on the amount that you would need to set aside for your holiday. While you should stick with your budget, make sure that you carry with you some extra cash or credit cards for emergency purposes. You can adjust your budget if you have enough money for travels.

Research on the net

To lower your overall travel expenses, research on the internet to find hotels around Koh Samui that are quite affordable or at least one that offers discount or promos. Book in advance to get lower accommodation rates. You might also want to contact the hotel manager on how you can get a discounted Koh Samui villa or an upgrade. Make sure to book your reservation before your travel to avoid expensive last minute booking. Plan your travel a few months or weeks before your actual trip so you can have time to research and pick the right hotel. You might want to bundle services to lower your travel costs. Booking longer in a hotel can also minimize your hotel expenses.

Check for special deals

There are hotel deals that would help reduce your Koh Samui villa expenses such as free daily breakfast, airport transfers and free Wi-Fi connectivity. These services and deals may sound simple but they can help in bringing down your overall expenses.

Tyres With Low Pressure Poses Risk To Drivers

According to a new research conducted by the AA Tyres, it is estimated that one in every four drivers are posing a danger risk not only themselves but to fellow drivers and pedestrian by using their cars despite underinflated tyres.

The same study also estimated that around 8.1 million of drivers in the United Kingdom are not able to check the state of their tyre pressures for the previous two months. It means that a huge proportion of drivers are using cars that are not ideal to be driven or could affect the usage of fuel.

Out of the same group, seven per cent or more than two million drivers are not able to perform assessment on their tyre pressures. This is for the last six months or ever since they bought their vehicle. This practice could not only pose a danger to the drivers but to the road users as well.

A poll was conducted by the AA-Populus and was able to gather 20,033 AA members. They were asked about the last time they have inspected any part of the vehicle they are using on a daily basis. The result revealed the highest percentage goes to drivers who are inspecting the level of their screenwash which is 56 per cent. Those who check their windscreen are 50 per cent, the status of the bodywork 47 per cent, and lights are 43 per cent. Those who are checking their tyres, on the other hand, have 40 per cent inspecting the pressures while 36 per cent are checking the tread. This inspection is done in the last two weeks.

The survey revealed that majority of those who are not checking their tyre pressures are women from London while 35 per cent have not been able to make an assessment for the past two months.

It is important that tyres in God Coast should be inspected regularly to make sure these are not low in pressure and it has not been damaged to determine when replacement is necessary.

Two Nights Holiday In New York Equals 20 Nights In Bangkok

Based on new report that was published by TripAdvisor, the average budget of travellers who are looking to stay in New York for two nights can actually get a better deal by staying in Bangkok for 20 nights instead.

In a recent move made by TripAdvisor, they have publicly launched their TripMaximiser Report which aims to aid travellers in choosing the dream vacation that will best fit their preference as well as their budget.

In an outline provided by the TripMaximiser Report, one will be able to see the number of nights that will fit the budget of two people residing in India. The report included only 10 of the most popular destination for Indian tourists in the spring season which is from March 1 until May 31 of 2017. The report indicated that they have considered an average budget of 75,000 rupees for Indian travellers which include the flights and accommodation.

According to the Country Manager of TripAdvisor based in India, Nikhil Ganju, TripAdvisor is sympathizing with the travel habits of the travellers from India and their concern towards the price when travelling. The report aims to let them know more about affordable travels and make an informed decision after. The TripAdvisor Report will not only indicate how many nights that a traveller can avail from different destinations using the same budget but they will also be shown recommendations on how to get their money’s worth.

Of the 10 top destinations, Indian travellers will be able to get the best out of their money by visiting places such as Langkawi, Bali and Bangkok. For only 75,000 rupees per traveller, two people will be able to enjoy either 20, 19 or 18 nights. The cost already includes plane tickets and accommodations. The same amount of money spent in a holiday in New York will only give them a chance to stay for two nights. If planning to go in Bangkok without a travel group, tourist may inquire at the Sathorn hotel in Bangkok for the most affordable deals available.

What Makes An Excellent Bangkok Golf Course

Before you apply for a membership in a country golf club, there are some things that you need to check from a Bangkok golf course to make your golfing experience a truly enjoyable one.  Here are some of the things for you to check.


The routing is one of the most important features of a golf course. The routing refers to the direction on which the holes in the course are played. Holes are designed to be played in different directions. This way, golfers don’t easily get bored with the routes of the course. The effectiveness and design of routing depends on the ingenuity of the architect.

Course Design

One thing that makes a Bangkok golf course interesting is its course design. The holes should be placed strategically all throughout the greens in such a way that they avoid water hazards and bunkers while remaining to be challenging to golfers. Holes should be positioned in such a way that players can do excellent tee shots and perform shots that will challenge their skill levels. The more challenging the golf course is, the more players are enthused to play the sport.


An excellent golf course offers a range of holes that include long, short and straight with opportunities for the golfer to play in different directions. This will further test his golfing skills especially during championships. A good golf course should have plenty of land to play in order to provide enough room for variation. A golf course with less variation will eventually bore players.

Shot ability

Lastly, a golf course can be considered a good one if it promotes players to deliver their best shots. Even if a player is highly skilled, if the golf course is almost impossible to play at and requires the player to use almost all of his golf clubs in their bag, then you are probably looking at the wrong country golf club. An excellent Bangkok golf course is one that makes it conducive for the player to play and enjoy the sport with designs and amenities that promote the sports.

Condos In Bangkok’s Outlying Areas Predicted For Growth

Those staying in a modern hotel in Sukhumvit may be seeing more development for the local region in the future.  According to Knight Frank, condos in the outskirts of Bangkok possess a lot of potential for development, with the demand for them increasing in spite of limited available land for construction and increasing prices.

According to the company, the number of condominiums located in the outer Sukhumvit Road have had an incrementing trend for three years now, with an average increase ranging around 4,000 to 5,000 units per year. Knight Frank also stated that, last year, 4,832 units were constructed, increasing the supply.

Phanom Kanjanathiemthao, managing director for the company, has pointed out that, this year, the condominium projects went from hindering sales to being the reason for the launching of numerous projects by the company in the early half of 2017. Mr. Phanom also pointed out that the projects in the border regions of Bangkok possessed notable sale prospects, and that their prices might be following an upward trend.

Strangely, the supply of units in has recently declined in the past three years, as the more recent development projects that have been launched possessed buildings with a smaller ratio of units.

According to research conducted by the company, grade-A condominiums compromise 22 percent of the units, with Grade-B compromising 41 percent; the notable majority of condo units in the region, followed then by Grade-C, making up 37 percent. Worth pointing out is the large increase of supply by grade-A units last 2015, which increased to its current number from 15 percent.

Knight Frank has stated that this trend is a reflection of the inherent potential of the fringe areas around Bangkok to grow, at least, in the sense that the sales pricing in the area rises. The company believes that since the start of the previous year, the incrementing number of grade-A condos in the borders of Sukhumvit are well worth observing.

Condo prices in the region averaged about Bt 101,493/m2. This marks a notable increase in pricing compared to past years. For example, a unit that is priced at Bt 85,000/m2, is of good value, at least in comparison to the rest of the market.

Knight Frank has stated that prices may follow the averages in the region. If things go the way the company predicts, it won’t be long before the average modern hotel in Sukhumvit is surrounded by high-quality condominium units.

Advantages Of Hiring Port Douglas Transfer To Cairns Airport

If it is your first time to go on tour to a particular place or if you are not too familiar with the area, the best thing for you to do is book for a Port Douglas transfer to Cairns airport. It will surely make your airport transfer faster and a safer experience. The only thing you need to do is find a reputable company to ensure that you will have a pleasant riding experience and a memorable holiday. To get more reasons to hire a shuttle bus, take a look at these points.

Transportation assurance                 

One of the best things about booking for a shuttle service is that you are guaranteed to have a vehicle to and from the airport during your holiday. Forget about competing with other passengers to flag a taxi and as you know, airport taxi can be expensive. Since you are not familiar with the place and probably tired from the flight, the tendency is for you to get the first taxi ride that you can get. On the other hand, with Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle, you are guaranteed to have a ready shuttle service waiting for you at the airport and back again. A booked shuttle service makes the trip faster and you arrive at your destination on time.

Hassle-free trip

A Port Douglas transfer to Cairns airport means your things and personal belongings are safe during the trip. You just have to relax during the trip and before you know it you are already in your hotel. The trip becomes worry-free and it adds to the overall pleasurable experience of your holiday.

Pocket-friendly transportation

A shuttle bus can accommodate several passengers so you share the transpiration costs with other passengers. This way, shuttle companies can afford to offer the services at a lower price. Riding in a shuttle service is like riding in a public transportation with fewer passengers, lower fare and more comfy seats. Hire a Port Douglas transfer to Cairns airport that offers affordable shuttle service by a company that is trusted by more tourists.