Record Year For Abu Dhabi In Terms Of Events Hosting

Business tourism expects a boost as Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau gains a record number of events. Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau has won the bid to host at least 14 conferences that would draw tens of thousands of delegates over the next four years. Actually, 2016 was already a record breaking year for the bureau for the largest number of events.

Hosting events in Dhabi impacts heavily on the economy of Abu Dhabi due to the millions of dirham it brings to the Emirate not to mention the effects on businesses and tourism. In terms of attracting international association meeting, Abu Dhabi ranks 73rd all over the world as revealed by the International Congress and Convention Association.

Some of the major events this year that will be hosted in Abu Dhabi include World Skills, the world’s largest competition of vocational skills on October with more or less 7,000 participants from 76 countries.  A 3-day Gulf Regional Congress is scheduled for September this year. By December at least 15,000 delegates are expected to attend a 5-day International Diabetes Federation 2017 Congress. Abu Dhabi will also host the International Conference in Medicine and Healthcare Professions – Ottawa Conferences.

Some of the new events that will be held in Abu Dhabi include the Special Olympics World Games in 2019 which is expected to attract about 10,000 delegates. Abu Dhabi will also be the venue of the World Road Congress and World Energy Congress in 2019.

The number of corporate meetings in Abu Dhabi is on the rise and hotels report tight margins due to rising demand. Last year the Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau won the bid to host the 6th Congress of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies that will be attended by at least 6,000 professionals in 2020. It is also expected that 4,000 delegates will attend the World Conference of Family Doctors.

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London Office Market Continues To Strengthen

Based on a new research which was conducted by Knight Frank, the levels of London office rent have proved to be more resilient lately as compared to the previous downturns as well as recoveries. In the study, it indexed the office rents of the city of London at 100 for the pre-downturn peaks that were recorded in the fourth quarter of 1989, third quarter of 2001 and the fourth quarter of 2007. The study showed that the rental in the city in the most recent downturn have found a floor and then moved into a recovery phase far sooner compared in the early 1990s and the downturn in the early 2000s.

Likewise the current recovery in the rental of the city has proved to be far more enduring compared to what was seen after the downturn during the early years of 2000. That particular market cycle just lasted for about six years with the occurrence of the global financial crisis in the later part of 2007. Today though, the market is now over seven years from the peak in the rents and growth is still very evident. Growth in the industry is expected to continue and grow in the years to come.

A tenant representation partner of Central London from Knight Frank, Bradley Baker said that the figures clearly demonstrated that the market in the city has proved to be far more resilient recently compared to anyone would have thought eight years ago when the global financial crisis began. One of the keys to the success of the city has been its important diversification away from being too dependent on the financial sector and instead embraces and attracts media firms and technology firms like Amazon, Uber, Saatchi & Saatchi and Hachette. Unlike in the previous downturns, the current recovery in the market began within two years of the initial crash in the market. It has been sustained for more than 5 years.

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Here’s How You Can Succeed With Real Estate Investing

CA –You can never go wrong with real estate investments. It has become one of the most reliable industries in the world today. In fact, you can trust them better than stocks because unlike stocks, land is a finite resource and no matter what state the economy is in, it will continue to appreciate. Unfortunately though, investing on real estate can be very difficult and if you plan on doing so, you would need to follow certain steps that would ensure your success.

  1. Create a Solid Plan. The most important thing to do is to come up of a solid plan. This means you would have to determine what you want to accomplish with the investment and lay out all the steps that you would need to take to become successful. You would need to consider how much you are willing to spend and where this money will come from. Think of all the risks and even the people you want to get involved in your investment.
  2. Seek Out a Professional. Once you have created a solid plan, the next thing to do is to find an expert, usually a professional from the real estate industry, and show him/her the plan that you had made. If the professional you have chosen does not approve, then have him/her help you create a new and better one. HomeUnion real estate investing can be a great place to start with.
  3. Strive and Persevere. When the going gets tough and the tough gets going, never ever give up. Even when you’re about to lose or close in on a deal never ever stop.
  4. Be Patient. Every effort or action, no matter how small, can lead up to the accomplishing of your goal. It is okay to take baby steps.
  5. Palabra de Honor. This means word of honor. Always be a man of your word and do what you said you would do. This would help you gain good reputation as a real estate investor.
  6. Be Responsible with Time. Time is of great value in the world of real estate. Never come in late to a meeting because the people you are meeting with might think that you don’t value the time you spend with them.

Is Donald Trump Really Serious About Entering The Presidential Race?

Labor Day in America marks the moment when the presidential campaign turns serious. As summer ends and the leaves start to fall with the weather getting colder every day, the political stakes increase for the presidential hopefuls. Negative ads will start to fill the airwaves and candidates will no longer enjoy the luxury of a weekend relaxation because all thoughts will be on the political campaign.

Many view the entry of billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump into the presidential race as entertainment rather than a political milestone. Since 1988, Trump has flirted on and off with his presidential bid so that only a few seriously believe his entry in the presidential race. Trump has always portrayed himself as a political juggernaut who has built an unlikely coalition that includes white nationalists and Reagan Democrats while establishing himself as a Republican frontrunner.

Trump has made so many controversial remarks and most of the remarks would have ended a political career. Instead, Trump is building up real political organizations in early states that include New Hampshire and Iowa with his lead in the polls getting stronger.

On the other hand, Hilary Clinton remains to be the overwhelming favorite of the Democrats and she is poised to easily claim the party’s nomination. However, Clinton is plagued by a constant dribble of negative news from the use of her personal email while she was still serving as secretary of state to the threats of a populist insurgency on the left of the Democratic Party.

Iowa’s support for Clinton is dramatically dropping and she is now trailing Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire. These weaknesses have provided vice president Joe Biden the opportunity to enter the presidential race if he chooses to do so. While Hilary Clinton remains to be favorite Democrat standard bearer for the presidential elections in November 2016, it is no longer a sure thing.

Both Republican and Democrat primary voters have chosen outsiders instead of veteran politicians. Two of the most popular candidates for the GOP nomination are Donald Trump and Ben Carson; two individuals whose names have never appeared in ballots.