Why You Should Book In A Hotel Near BTS

If you’re staying in a hotel in Bangkok, the first thing you’ll discover is the alarming traffic jam that happens all throughout the day. If you were to take a taxi ride, you’ll probably get stuck in traffic and it’s not the best way to explore this amazing city. The solution is to stay in a hotel near BTS station, as it is faster and the best way to go sightseeing in Bangkok.

Just over a decade old the BTS was what many local Thais rely on to get to work, shopping and social gatherings on time. Travelers as well are now finding the Sky train really useful for getting to the city’s central commercial districts. Sky trains run on elevated train tracks above the city’s most traffic condensed avenues. As these trains easily glide across the traffic mess below it is easy to see why it is named ‘Sky train’.

Even though the BTS network is not so extensive, it will take a tourist to scenic spots like the Suan Pakkard Museum, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Siam Paragon, MBK and Jim Thompson House.

Aside from getting you to your destination quickly, riding the Sky Train is cheaper as compared to other western train systems. The fares are based on the distance travelled and currently the maximum is around 40baht. And as the train network is not that extensive, you can easily locomote the city without getting lost. Many Thais speak English and the Sky Trains are quite tourist friendly. That’s why it’s an advantage to stay in a hotel near BTS station.

The trains run on two lines from Silom and Sukhumvit. Coincidentally, it stops in many stations where you get to see popular luxury and budget hotels close to the stations. Few popular budget hotels near the station are Bally’s Silom Suites, Samran Place and Bedrooms Boutique Hotel.

If you were to wander the streets of Bangkok, you will find a hotel near BTS that are conveniently located. This should help you explore Bangkok with ease, and it’s really an advantage to stay near the BTS Sky train station.

A Good Deed From A Painter And Decorator

A free home makeover is offered by a painter and decorator, William Leggatt, to families who are in need. His inspiration came from the family he has the opportunity to meet in 2017. According to Leggatt from Swansea, he promised to devote one of his weekend every month in order to help those families struggling because of various reasons like financial issues, sickness or house fires. This gives hope to a Sydney painter because there are still good Samaritans out there.

Within a week of posting on social media, he got almost a thousand families who are hoping to be chosen.

This is not the first time Leggatt helped a family in need because last year he gave his time and resources to the Stevens family. He redecorated their home without charging them anything. The decision came after Angela, the mother, was found to have terminal cancer while Michael, their son with autism, was sent into care.

Leggatt who is 27 years old shared how he felt good afterwards and decided to help more families. He added that he is helping because he has the capacity to do so and he knows it is the right thing.

William is the owner of Paint Pots Swansea, a local business. He posted a similar status of offering his time and skills early last year when a social service worker saw it and introduced him to the Stevens. During that time, Angela is set to have an operation due to her ovarian cancer but her disease progressed into terminal stage.

The husband, Leon, was struggling with his wife’s diagnosis and he is also in charge of taking care of their 16 year old son with autism. They had to move into a new home but it requires refurbishing and this is when William comes in to help.

He said that he made sure the house was renovated because the mother is coming home to spend her remaining days there. Many are in awe with his kindness including a Sydney painter because they know the effort put into sanding walls, painting as well as wallpapering.

Efficient Boiler Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Boiler In Top Shape

One need to maintain the boiler to limit high costs on future bills on significant repairs or even a replacement of the boiler. You don’t have to consume much time just to have the boiler repaired. What you need are to know some efficient boiler maintenance tips to make it run smoothly for a longer time. Here are what you should know:

  • Ensure you keep the boiler manual in a convenient location.

Most people lose or throw away the boiler manual once it is installed. But should you experience some difficulties in the future, you’ll find that the manual is truly useful when troubleshooting the issues you will likely experience. Also the manual can help program the timing and other similar settings that you need to change in the future.

  • Put in place a regular maintenance schedule.

One efficient boiler maintenance tips to help you is to put the boiler system in a regular 12-monthly service. A professional service can check all aspects of the boiler to ensure that it runs smoothly. Ideally, you may want it serviced before wintertime.

  • Prevent the boiler from freezing.

To prevent the boiler from freezing in a very low temperature, you should leave it heating on a long range constantly. Meaning you should actually use it from time to time especially during the cold season. This is actually the most economical way to preserve the boiler. Perhaps you want to consider other solutions just to prevent it from freezing. Insulating all pipe works is an efficient option.

  • Have faulty parts and systems replaced

A boiler cannot run smoothly and function well if some of its parts are starting to fail. An older thermostat will likely lose the ability to provide accurate readings in terms of its temperature setting. If the heating is unnecessarily at a high level, then it’s certain that you’ll be wasting energy.

Another efficient boiler maintenance tips to consider is when you start noticing that the boiler isn’t running efficiently as desired. To prevent it from further damage, you need to contact a reputable service to be able to provide the best solution for correcting the problem.

How To Choose A Similan Island Live aboard Company

If you want to have a unique diving experience in Thailand, check what Similan Island Liveaboard is all about. You can get more information on liveaboarding thru the internet. With a little research, you will find a good number of service providers in Thailand along with options and services that meets your budget and diving preference. The only challenge is how to spot a reliable company where you can book the services. If you are not sure how to choose a service provider, take a look at these ideas:

Crew expertise

One of the major thing that you should check from a liveaboarding company is the expertise of its crew, especially the diving guides. This is particularly important especially that you are going to spend a few days with them on the sea. It is important for your peace of mind that you are with the experts who will enhance your diving prowess and will keep you safe while on Thai waters. Choose a Similan Island Liveaboard company with certified diving instructors and marine biologists who will go with you during the trip. Find out if the crew of the company are licensed and are expertise in the field of diving. Read reviews and customer feedback at the website of your prospective liveaboard company.

Boat safety facilities  

Check the website of your target liveaboard company to ensure that you will be comfortable while on board. Find out if their vessels or houseboats are sea-worthy with advance communication facilities. You can also get an idea on the reliability of the company by engaging in forums and discussion boards. Another important aspect to check is if there are life- saving facilities at the boat.

Affordable rates

An enjoyable, safe and comfortable Similan Island Liveaboard experience doesn’t have to be utterly expensive. In fact, you can find companies that offer budget-friendly packages that suits your preference. There are budget packages with multiple dives per day with comfortable accommodation including mouth-watering Thai cuisine. You can also opt for more expensive packages with exclusive services such as a hostess, in-door or outdoor dining options, chef and many others.

Projects Of The Treasury For Next Year Worth 90 Billion Baht

In 2018, the Treasury Department will start to develop property projects on lands owned by the state. The project will cost 90 billion baht and low income earners will no longer have to buy single house in Pinklao because it includes housing for minimum salary workers.

Patchara Anantasilp, the director general, said that majority of the projects have been postponed but contracts will be signed in collaboration with private sectors soon.

Aside from affordable residential properties, there are several projects such as land development in Charoen Krung Soi and Mor Chit, government complex to be constructed in Chaeng Wattana at the Zone C, Eastern Economic Corridor projects as well as Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

There will be eight provinces where the housing projects will be constructed using state land and it will include Chon Buri, Bangkok and Chian Mai. Starting January of next year, the construction of 2,600 units will commence.

Every unit will have a total land area of 28 square meters and will be available for rent within 30 years. The lump sum will be between 350,000 and 450,000 baht. With that amount, the monthly instalment will not be over 2,000 baht.

The target customers of the housing projects are those individuals belonging in the low-income sector and have been registered in the government. Post-financing will be made possible by the Government Savings Bank.

Praharat projects are collaboration between the government and private corporations. This means that companies will be contracted for the construction work. In exchange, incentives will be provided such as very low profit margins in the range of 15 and 20 per cent.

In case of land rental, the department will make some changes with the rentals in order to complement the current prices on the market which is determined by the return of assets. The revised rates will only be imposed on contracts that are new or have been renewed.

The main income of the department is coming from land development, coin production as well as property rentals. This new housing project will help locals instead of buying a single house in Pinklao which might be beyond their income capacity.

4 Reasons To Opt For Co Working Space In Bangkok

You can surely work on a project anywhere, even at the comforts of your home. However, for modern workers who want to work in a more conducive environment, a co working space in Bangkok would be suitable for them. A co working space is the latest trend among young professionals who wants to have everything they need right at their work place. Here’s a closer look on what you can get from this type of work area.

Inspiring working environment

One of the best features of co working space in Bangkok is that, the place is designed and meant for guests to work and to have a conducive working space. This way, you can be sure that you will not hear blasting sound from neighbouring rooms or children quarrelling or crying in the lobby. You will get a professional working space that allows you to harness your potentials.

Business amenities

Another excellent feature of a co working space is it comes with facilities and utilities that are specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals. There is no need for you to install or apply for internet access because the area already comes with it. There are availablepower outlets and ports placed in strategic locations. The place is also provided with copying machines and other essential office equipment. The area comes with comfortable lounge with snacks and beverages that are offered for free if you stay for a certain number of hours.

Exclusive discounts

By using a co working space, you get up to 10% discount on food and beverages and another 10% discount if you will book for a room at the hotel. You just have to check because the use of co working space have specific hours and not all hotels offer co working space.

Offers amazing view

One aspect that encourages young professionals to choose co working space in Bangkok is the amazing view it offers. Co working space are situated at higher levels of hotels so you get a better view of Bangkok. The place is not only conducive for working, it is also relaxing and rewarding.

What Types Of Printed Glass Splashbacks Can You Use For Your Kitchen?

Install a new kitchen printed glass splashbacks to complete a kitchen renovation or simply to replace an existing one. Certainly, you want to choose from the various materials available. However, this can turn out difficult especially if it’s intended for the kitchen. You need to choose from a look and color you prefer, and how much it will cost?

To minimize expenses, you may prefer DIY options; however, this will require artistic skills and creativity to obtain an accurate look. There are also those printed glass splashbacks that go nice and stunning through an expert. Here is a guide to help you with your splashback materials and how much to expect for the pay.


These used to be the commonest material available for splashbacks. It comes with various materials, patterns and colors. However, it’s difficult to determine the price as they vary greatly. If you hire a tiler, they will usually charge around $400 to install the kitchen splashback in an average kitchen size.

Toughened Glass

This is a popular choice as of this moment and all for a good reason. The toughened glass is easy to clean and available in a variety of prints and colors. Toughened glass splashbacks may be preferred by many as it can withstand heat from cooktops. If broken, they can crumble into small pieces, unlike regular glass.

Mirrored Glass

This type of splashbacks are somehow a popular choice by people. They help open up a space as they bounce reflections and light surrounded in the room. Unlike a bathroom mirror, the glass is somehow tinted with bronze or silvery color, which really depends on the supplier. Just like toughened glass splashbacks, they are perfect for use behind the cooktop.

Acrylic Glass

Acrylic provides an illusion of the glass and make cost efficient option that you can install yourself. Unlike glass, they can be installed behind cooktops. For the plate, you need to have the same width as the cooktop and extend around 200 millimeters above the burners to obey Australian safety guidelines.

There are other materials you can use for your printed glass splashbacks nowadays. You can also include stone, pressed metal and stainless steel. Note that all materials used can entail a huge price for the design and installation. However, you can always cheaper substitutes if you intend to make a nice ambiance of your kitchen.

The Trending Fitted Sheets Worth More Than $90

If you could have one bed sheet it would be one that zips on and off in a matter of seconds without having to make up the bed every night. This is the trending bed sheet that is currently taking the country by storm. The wrinkle-free bed sheet is called Stretto and it is manufactured by Textrade Inc.

One would be surprised with the price tag though. Stretto launched a crowdfunding but after only 34 days it was able to surpass its goal. It has gathered over $27,000 with 251 donors. The reason for this is that people can have the innovative bed sheet for over $90 each.

Textrade is also selling pillowcases in packs of two and four with price tags of $25 and $45 respectively. One would think that the bed sheet will only cost between $60 and $70.

If you look at a fitted sheet in IKEA, a queen size will cost you a minimum of $10. For those who are not fond of spending too much, paying $110 for a Stretto bundle might be too much while a queen bed set is priced at $125. The big question now is if convenience is really worth a hundred bucks?

According to the project page on Kickstarter, their bed sheets are not only perfect in size but it is wrinkle free as well. This is unlike any sheets you have come across wherein wrinkling happens after sleeping on it.

The sheet is said to be made of 60 per cent cotton and 30 per cent modal which is a material from beech wood pulp. The company states that their sheets are not only comfortable and breathable but it has the capacity to regulate moisture. Replacing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 as the user will only have to zip it to put it on and off the bed.

Aside from those features, the bed sheet also comes with a bedside pocket where you can keep the remote control, a book, phone and other items to be handy. There are various colours available such as white, blue, silver and grey.

Hotels Looking Forward To Holiday In Bangkok

After the death of the King of Thailand last year, the government asked the people and businesses to avoid over-the-top festivities and celebration for the next 12 months. The cremation ceremony was completed last month and the mourning face is over for the Kingdom of Thailand. Events and celebrations are expected to come back more lively than ever this month of November until December. It is also predicted that affordable hotel in Bangkok will be fully booked for the coming holiday season.

Thai Hotels Association’s president, Supawan Tanomkieatipume, said that businesses from both local and international scene are planning to hold a variety of celebrations and events before the year ends. Business is booming once more for hotels and business meeting rooms alongside the food and beverage sector.

Mrs. Supawan added that majority of the companies in the city are planning to have their annual meetings in the last two months of 2017. They are planning to bid this year goodbye through lavish parties and events.

There were no extravagant celebrations the previous year because of the government’s mandate and it is expected to resume in 2017.

Thai Hotels Association is expecting the increase of arrivals in foreign travellers especially from countries such as China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. They are expected to spend their New Year’s in the city of Bangkok while demand will also increase for other parts of Thailand such as Chiang Mao, Pattaya and Phuket.

There is an overflowing demand for advanced bookings and the average rate for occupancy in the hospitality sector is predicted to grow 5 per cent compared to the last quarter of the previous year which sets it to 60 per cent. The occupancy rate in Thailand as a whole is expected to increase between 65 and 70 per cent for this year.

The hotel and entertainment industry of the country felt a decline in revenue from October of 2016 until September of 2017. They are now bouncing back to life as bookings in affordable hotel in Bangkok starts to roll in. it is expected that the hotel industry will be able to recover before the start of next year as the tourists come flocking back in the country.

3 Excellent Reasons To Buy Wholesale Orchid Plants

Like any other products found in the market, you could have more advantages if you are going to choose wholesale products. If you love orchids or you need a lot of orchids for your trade, buy wholesale orchid plants especially when you need to decorate a large venue or you want to resell orchids as your business. Buying wholesale will stretch your money’s worth. Here are some of the advantages of buying wholesale orchids.

Lower shipping expenses

Regardless if you are buying orchids from abroad or within Thailand, you will surely save money if you are going to buy in bulk and have the orchids delivered to you instead of buying a few pieces and have them shipped to you in separate occasions. Choose a courier or shipper that has the expertise to handle live plants. Aside from that, buy from a seller of wholesale orchid plants that has a reputation of handling and packing orchids expertly that they can guarantee that you will receive the orchids in excellent state. Make sure to repot the orchids the moment you receive them because they were repotted by the orchid grower to allow the orchids to survive during the stressful process of shipping and delivery. The orchid grower placed the orchids in temporary water-retaining pots with shipping mixture to ensure that the orchids will remain hydrated while being shipped.

Cheaper in price

One advantage of buying wholesale from an orchid grower,is you can negotiate for the price or ask for discount. Avoid orchids that are proactively offered at discount price because the quality might be compromised. Instead, purchase in bulk and ask for discount from the total amount. You can opt for bargain orchids if you are buying them direct from the grower and you will use the orchids right away.

Resell the orchids

Another notable advantage of buying wholesale orchid plants is you can resell them to others. You can start with your friends or neighbours and if it clicks, you might want to consider an orchid selling business in your area. Choose a reputable orchid grower to buy from for guaranteed results.

3 Major Reasons To Buy Designer Office Furniture

Your office setting is one of the factors that can attract your targets or drive them away. It will also affect your business image and how your customers perceive your company. Because of this, companies invest on designer office furniture in their office premises. On a nutshell, it would sound like you would have to spend your savings or eat up your entire budget on the furniture alone. However, if you are going to factor in the benefits that your business can get, you will definitely appreciate your investment. Here are some of the reasons why getting an upgrade on your office furniture can be beneficial to your business.

Improves visual appearance of your office

Your office appearance and arrangements including everything found therein says so much about your company.By having an office with modern appeal, you create an impression that you also utilize modern approaches and strategies in dealing with your customers, business partners and also with your employees. With an impressive set of designer office furniture, this means that you are concern of your office appearance and business image. You can visit the websites of furniture suppliers and showrooms for ideas. You can also visit other establishments or the offices of your partners for inspiration.

Offers more physical comfort

One of the reasons to upgrade your office furniture is that, modern furniture are generally ergonomic. This type of furniture is designed to offer more body support and comfort. Ergonomic chairs is suitable for office employees who spend more of their time on their office desks and chairs. Check through the internet for ergonomic designs that you can use in your office. The healthier and more comfortable your employees are, the more productive they will be.

Boosts employeeconfidence

When employees are confident they are more effective in dealing with your customers and in accomplishing their tasks. With higher productivity, your organization will benefit from it. A more presentable office with designer office furniture can help your business achieve more. Search for promos and discountfurniture to reduce your office and remodelling costs.check for free delivery and product warranty.