Canada’s Increasing Demand For Digitally-Skilled Talents

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According to a report that was recently released by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), it is expected that Canada will require at least 305,000 digitally-skilled talents to meet the demands of the digital economy by 2023.

In the report, Canada’s Growth Currency: Digital Talent Outlook 2023, ICTC has identified 3 of the 15 top tech jobs that are required by Canada as full-stack developers, data scientists and DevOps engineers. The 6 key innovation growth areas in Canada were also identified by Outlook 2023.

The 6 key innovation growth areas include clean technology that provides carbon-neutral and climate-positive energy and services, clean resources for the next generation natural resource extraction, advanced manufacturing that keystarts production with technology, interactive digital media, health and biotechnology and agri-foods & food tech.

A new industrial paradigm is rapidly shaped by the waves of change that are moving the economy. Sustainable business is increasingly being considered as a strategic advantage to pave the way for growth and increase employment prospects for Canadians.

According to ICTC President and CEO Namir Anani, it is important for Canada to prepare an innovation-ready workforce in the coming years for the country’s green and hyper-connected economy. The 6 sectors that have been identified are undergoing extensive changes because of digital disruption.

The way that people work, live and do business has changed because of technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and advanced manufacturing processes. Technology has also redefined talent and skills needs.

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