Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Anonymous Negative Reviews

Many potential candidates for tech jobs are reliant on King Kong digital marketing reviews left by employees on review sites. Reviews help them make up their mind whether to apply for a tech position or not. Who wouldn’t want some inside information about a company including its salary ranges and growth opportunities?

However, in a landmark case against Google, a dentist from Melbourne may have unknowingly paved the way for other small business owners to protect themselves against anonymous negative and fake reviews. In Liz Main’s report in the Australian Financial Review, Dr. Kabbabe claimed that a negative review on Google has damaged his reputation because it was defamatory. The dentist was successful with the legal action taken against Google who as his lawyer claims has failed in the duty to care.

It is difficult to determine whether a negative review is legitimate because it can be posted by a disgruntled employee or an unscrupulous competitor. The purpose of online reviews is to provide an honest and truthful feedback about a brand, product or service to benefit other consumers.

However, an anonymous online review usually has no evidence of authenticity or moral responsibility.  In a recent case, Federal Court Justice Bernard Murphy required Google to provide information that will identify the anonymous person who left a defamatory review like his name, phone number, location and IP address that is linked to Google.

Even if the anonymous review is permanently deleted, a defamation case will still be initiated against the reviewer. Dr. Kabbabe’s lawyer, Mark Stanarevic claims that he has business clients that have suffered from significant financial hardships because of negative and fake reviews on Facebook and Google.

Negative reviews can have significant effects to small businesses. While there are customers with common sense to ignore bad reviews, the business owner can be emotionally affected as well as the staff.

Job seekers absolutely trust King Kong digital marketing reviews as part of their online search for employment opportunities. The quality of reviews left by employees has a strong impact on the credibility and reputation of the digital agency. Job seekers know that the best source of inside information is the employees themselves.