British Gas Customers Forced To Endure Days Without Heating Due To Demand Surge For Repairs

In the early week of March, British Gas customers who suffered from a boiler breakdown had to wait for days for the repairs due to a sudden surge in demand.

Boiler installment, repair, and insurance are not unheard of. Based on one’s location, it is pretty easy to have these services provided. Robinson in Newcastle, for example, offers round-the-clock services. Other prominent names also include British Gas and Gasway Services Ltd. However, some British Gas customers had to endure the coldest month in UK before getting help.

How It Started

Temperatures began to drop throughout UK because of the East weather front, and with the severe storm Emma about to hit the country, more residents get concerned.

Boiler problems started occurring, with customers being put on hold as they tried to contact British Gas regarding the problem. Unfortunately, even if their calls do get through, they were often informed that they had to wait for days for the appointment. Some residents were told that they had to wait for as long as five days, having to face the cold months with no heat in their homes.

Emergency Situations

Fifty-four year old father Shaun Steward shared his experience. His boiler broke down, leaving the house with neither hot water nor heating. To make it worse, his son was suffering from heavy cold, and could go worse if conditions do not improve. He was then supposedly considered as a priority because of his son’s condition, but after forty-eight hours, no one has come to help. He further explained that he had to wait for two hours before he was able to speak to a customer service representative, only to be informed that the earliest appointment was on the fifth of the March. He was angry about it, saying that the company knew that the storm was coming.

Others were even more unfortunate. One resident claimed to have tried calling for three hours, only for the agent to hang up on him. Some residents are getting more concerned especially for the elderly or those who are sick and are in dire need for proper heating.

Surge In Demand

British Gas has stated that its engineers had to visit 170,000 homes in the first week alone and is working hard to keep up with the demand.

In such emergency cases, it wouldn’t hurt to try other service providers such as Robinson, if able, just so that heating may be restored and waiting on the phone to contact service providers may be avoided.