Blue Bathroom Tiles To Satisfy The Demand For Individuality

Years ago, practically every American home had a white bathroom. White subway tiles were the de facto choice for any renovation because it was timeless and fresh. White will never go out of style but there are distinct rumblings for fresher alternatives. Today, homeowners who want to embrace individuality are choosing blue bathroom tiles to satisfy their specific functional and aesthetic desires.

The demand for a wider range of tiles in different sizes, shapes and colours has increased dramatically. Manufacturers of tiles have responded to the demand to offer new and beautiful tiles that are products of industry innovations in manufacturing and increased accessibility to artists and materials.

According to Mara Villanueva-Heras, VP of marketing for EmserTile advances in technology and processes have allowed tile manufacturers to push the limits possible with tile. Tile options have increased from intricate mosaics to the thin, large panels, easy-to-clean porcelains and ceramics that look like natural stone or wood.

The wide array of options of available in the market has provided different tiles for everyone and for every style. While it is hard to imagine white tiles to go out of style, other tile colours have been surging. Warm-tone neutrals are gaining popularity and warm gray is dominating paint space. Warm gray has the chameleon-like ability to complement with any style so that it is now a hot colour.

Marble tiles and ceramic tiles that look like marble is popular among homeowners including shades of beige that add freshness and visual appeal. Shapes and patterns have also made an impact from the timeless rectangles to the classic brick pattern that has redefined the next generation of kitchens and bathrooms.

Bold design statements can now be made by using simple hexagon, diamond and triangle shapes including intricate arabesque and lantern shapes. Bigger tiles have also dramatically changed bathrooms and made them easier to clean.

The days of cookie-cutter bathrooms are behind us. There are blue bathroom tiles for those who want to embrace individuality and differ from what the neighbours have. Blue tiles for the bathroom are tailored to uniquely support and reflect what you really desire.