Best Materials For Marquee Hire In Sydney

Marquees are good venue alternatives to the traditional setting of holding an event. You can design and decorate them with themes that fit the occasion you are celebrating. They are durable and can withstand strong winds, rains, and heat.

There are different kinds of materials that are used in marquee hire in Sydney which is known for their durability and reliability. Marque owners must see to it that their marquee hire in Sydney is dependable for the assurance of safety to the customers.

The following are the different kinds of materials available that are common for marquees:

  1. Polyethylene or PE
  • Woven material, ripstop, low price, but high quality
  • Plastic-coated and heavy duty
  • Fire-rated and UV stabilized. The weight of 240gsm is one of the toughest
  • Low price but high quality and convenient to clean
  1. PVC
  • Heavy-duty material, fire rated, and UV stabilized
  • Up to 650gsm in weight with glossy finish
  • Convenient to clean
  1. Poly/PVC
  • Coated polyester and water-resistant
  • UV resistant and firerated
  1. Ripstop PVC
  • Coated finish PVC and waterproof
  • Hard-wearing and more expensive compared to other options
  1. Canvas
  • 100% polycotton or cotton – a mixture of polyester and cotton
  • Natural look and attractive but not waterproof
  • Resistant to slashing and not fire resistant

PE and PVC marquees are the two most popular choices.

  • PVC marquees are more expensive than PE marquees.
  • PVC is glossier and more lustrous than PE. They are ideal for weddings and other upmarket events. PVC is more durable with long usage. They are the common choices for commercial events, PE is more used for household events like garden parties.
  • Both PVC and PE can endure to an extent of weather conditions, but PVC can ultimately withstand all weather situations. It is extremely hardwearing and completely watertight.

The materials used for marquees are entirely durable and long-lasting to withstand all types of weather conditions. This is because they are used in an open environment and are only temporary. They are exposed to damage because of constant dismantling every after an event.