Benefits Of Using Venetian Plaster For Your Home Or Office

Venetian plaster or lime plaster is slowly and steadily gaining acceptance in new age interior designing. The ancient material used by our ancestors has withstood the test of time and has become a favourite of modern designers. Venetian plaster is making its presence seen in the most opulent homes of the present.

Venetian plaster is made of slaked lime and marble dust. The putty is prepared by combining fired limestone with water. The mixture is then applied to the walls. When this plaster is exposed to the carbon dioxide in air, it again turns back in to limestone. Limestone plaster gets better with time giving a soft and earthy look to the walls. Consult a professional plasterer in Sydney, if you are interested to get a Venetian plaster to the walls in your home or office.

Using Venetian or lime plaster has some benefits such as

  1. Venetian plaster is the most versatile product on the block. Most of the professional plasterer in Sydney prefer to use limestone plaster as it can be used with drywall, wood, tile, exterior wood and brick wall surfaces. Archways and columns in buildings and homes look better in Venetian plaster.
  2. Limestone plaster is durable. Since the plaster becomes limestone when exposed to the carbon dioxide in the air, it has a rock-like finish and can withstand cracks. It is easy and economical to repair minor cracks in Venetian plaster, as it does not require replacing the entire block.
  3. Limestone plaster is easy to maintain. More and more homeowners are requesting their plasterer in Sydney for Venetian plaster because it looks beautiful without much maintenance. The plaster is suitable for interiors as well as exteriors as it does not fade easily. Limestone plaster also does not require painting on top as it exudes a very warm and iridescent finish when applied properly in thin translucent layers.
  4. Venetian plasters are timeless. They have decorated homes of our ancestors and are still in vogue. Walls with Venetian plaster can be easily modified to give a fresh vibe and look to the interior.
  5. Limestone plaster is environmentally friendly option to plaster your home or office. The ingredients used in this plaster are all natural and non-toxic. Since Lime is anti-bacterial and has a high PH, it fights the growth of mould and fungus on the walls. Professional plasterer in Sydney apply limestone plaster in layers, which helps to improve the insulation of your home.