Bangkok Saying Goodbye To Army Bases

There are a number of army bases all over Bangkok including Thahan, PhahonYothin, Chaeng Watthana, AmnuaiSongkhram and Samsen. These are soon to be relocated outside of the capital because it has been causing traffic jams. It is part of the measure taken by the military government to help decrease the traffic congestion in Bangkok. The growth of tourism continues as hotels like Citrus Suites Hotel are always booked thus the number of commuters are also growing daily.

According to a source related to the military, the army bases are going to be moved in three locations namely SamutSakhon, Lop Buri and Saraburi. The relocation will be done slowly and with careful consideration so as not to suddenly impact the soldiers and their respective families who will be affected by the move.

The 1st Cavalry Reconnaissance Company of the 1st Division originally based on Chaeng Watthana Road will be relocated in either Sop Buri or Saraburi along with the 4th Tank Battalion of the 1st Division which is currently on Samsen Road. The two groups will be joined by the 1st Cavalry Regiment coming from Thahan Road. The KrathumBaen district in the province of SamutSakhon will be the relocation area for the intelligence unit of the army which is based originally on AmnuaiSongkhram Road.

There are also plans to relocate the King’s Guard which is the 2nd Cavalry Division. This month a panel is to be organized headed by the army chief of staff to discuss about the relocation. Reports revealed that move will start on the last day of September in 2019.

The four units’ commanders have already been informed and were ordered to prepare the necessary information such as the budget, areas covered by their compounds and the new places they wish to be sent to. The panel will then make the final decision.

Thahan Road also houses the Air Defence Artillery Division and is set to relocate to Lop Buri. The source said that it will only happen if found to be necessary. The 11th Military Circle which is now at Rama V Road will be setting up their base at Chaeng Watthana Road. With the expected relocation, businesses including Citrus Suites Hotel are quite glad because it is expected to help ease the current problem with traffic jam.