Bad Online Reviews For Trump Hotels Resulting To Millions In Lost Revenue

For months, internet trolls have been bashing the new US President, his hotels, restaurants and resorts. Bad online reviews are affecting Trump companies with lost revenue upwards of $100 million. According to report by Business Insider, a new study undertaken by online rating market technology company Signpost revealed that the average online ratings of Trump properties in the United States have declined by 40% ever since Trump became president.

Based on a research that analyzed 3-year user review ratings from Yelp and Google, 29 of Trump properties have an average rating of 3.7 stars out of 5. Before the 2016 elections, the properties collectively gained 4 stars. The dip in ratings may seem inconsequential but based on previous studies even a slight dip in online ratings can result into a substantial loss in revenue.

The research of Signpost reveals that a drop in rating may result in a loss of about $66 million for the next 4 years for Trump businesses assuming that the trend will continue. The calculations are rather conservative and based on most recent revenue estimations. The actual cost if the trend continues will exceed $100 million.

It appears that drop in ratings of Trumps properties is politically related. There are people who attempt to manipulate online ratings through fake and ironic reviews. In the aftermath of a scathing review from Vanity Fair that led to online users bashing the restaurant, the Trump Grill inside the NYC Trump Tower lost a full Yelp star.

The Mar-a-Lago, a Trump resort in Florida was subjected to scathing online reviews for weeks and gained a 2-star rating from Yelp. According to Yelp, they are actively removing both the positive and negative reviews that appear to be motivated by news coverage and user experience. The Trump Hotel in Washington has a 2.5-star rating in Yelp and a reviewer recently awarded the property with a 1-star rating.

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