Ascot International School Acquires Additional Authorisation

One of the older and more well-known Bangkok international schools, Ascot International School, has recently added additional authorisation for new educational programmes for students,

Currently, the school’s accreditations and authorisations include Cambridge Centre, CIS, the IB Diploma Programme, and QNESQA, among others. Now, the international school has an additional authorisation to add to its repertoire; for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), making it one of the four Bangkok international schools authorised for multiple programmes.

The IB PYP is available for students aged 3-11, and is a programme that heavily differs from the traditional teaching method employed in classroom, in that it openly encourages students to challenge ideas presented to them, ask questions to their instructors, and expand their repertoire of skills.

Ascot Headmaster Gary Booth explains that the risk-taking is part of the learning process in the school, and the school works to create an environment conductive to students’ learning; he adds that they encourage students to make smart decisions about their learning and their behaviour to become well-developed and well-rounded students.

In PYP schools, teachers will serve more akin to guides rather than guides, while the students don’t sit on their chairs, passive, with the teacher in front, like in traditional classrooms. The students in such a class are actively moving around the space, heading for the library, even collecting data outside and/or interacting with the teacher. The general idea of PYP classrooms is to create a dynamic, and exciting environ for the learning of students, with the aim of letting students learn in a transdisciplinary manner.

The programme culminates in an exhibition at Year 6 (about 11 years of age), where students work together to conduct their own in-depth inquiry into issues that affect the real world, putting the transdisciplinary skills that they picked up throughout the programme in order to present their inquiry to the educational community.

Ascot International School is one of the Bangkok international schools that has full accreditation from the Council of International Schools, with all teachers possessing full qualifications, including a grasp of English. Currently, the school’s accepting students aged 18 months to 18 years, which allows students to complete secondary education in a familiar environ, avoiding the potential issues of readjustment. This continuity also allows for comprehensive tracking of students’ progress, allowing for adjustments for their learning.