An Analysis of the Web Design Services Industry

What do you mean when you say the web design services industry? Companies that are participants in this industry provide assortment of web designs which include graphic design, interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization as well as any other related aspects of writing codes. The services offered by web design companies incorporate different coding languages. The services of the industry include those which are dedicated to designing mobile webs. However, it does not typically include companies which build native applications or companies that manage online retail operations of clients.

Trends and analysis of the web design industry

Because of the boom of the internet and the proliferation of internet connections, different company websites have increasingly become popular and important when reaching out to their respective target markets for large and small businesses alike. As a result, the industry of the web design services has tremendously grown in the last five years. Moreover, the trend suggests that more consumers access digital contents with the use of their smart phones and tablets. Because of this trend, operators in the industry have adjusted to the needs and demands of the consumers and have made mobile optimized designs for websites. However, there are platforms which enable people to only have a limited experience when designing and maintaining their own websites. It is for this reason that the growth in the industry has been constrained. The increased popularity of different applications designed not within the context of the industry has also been constrained.

Industry report

The market share concentration of the web design services industry is yet on a low level. There are huge multiservice agencies that operate in the industry. The revenue likewise is spread among the hundreds of smaller firms and non-employers. One company that is part of this industry is They specialize in bringing great design works to their clients. According to reports there is no single web design firm which accounts for more than 5 percent of the total revenue of the entire industry. The non-employers make up most of the industry enterprises. As technology today has become more accessible and less expensive, barriers to entry have already decreased.