Amsterdam Provides Centers To Check If Drugs Are Safe

The Roes is from the Amsterdam. It was in August when he and a group of friends decided to attend the pride weekend in the largest city of Netherlands. They purchased ecstasy for the party but are not sure whether the Hello Kitty pills are actually made of ecstasy. This is when they went to Jellinek Preventie, a rehab facility located in the centre of Amsterdam. It was not a specific ecstasy drug rehab but it offers treatment and services such as drug checking.

To test the pills, a counselor had to scrape a very small amount and place it inside a test tube. After which, a liquid is poured over it and the combination resulted to a black mixture. This means that the Hello Kitty-shaped pills are not fraud but they are actually ecstasy which is known medically as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA. During the testing, the counsellor took a lot of time inspecting the pill before using the computer’s database to try looking for a match.

When it comes to ecstasy production, Amsterdam is undeniably the international capital. Each of the batches of tablets carries a unique branding. In fact, the most popular nowadays is the ecstasy shaped with Donald Trump’s head.

Because there have been no record of the manufacture of Hello Kitty shaped, the tablets are to be forwarded to a drug testing lab in order to confirm the exact dosage as well as if the pills have been tampered with adulterants.

All over the Netherlands, there are a total of 32 facilities that offer drug checking services. The testing can be done while staying anonymous and it is completely free. The only facilities that are asking for a fee are those located in Amsterdam charging €2.50.

Jellinek’s manager of prevention, Floor van Bakkum, said that the process draws a lot of controversy but they believe that people need it in order to protect themselves. Due to the liberal view of Netherlands, there is no need for a dedicated ecstasy drug rehab since there is other facilities that can treat substance additions including ecstasy.