Ali Auctions To Help Orchid Export Industry In Thailand

There is good news waiting for orchid exporters in Thailand because of the partnership between Ali Auction and Thai Orchid Exporter Association. Ali Auction is an online portal for auction which is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. The main goal of the online platform is to raise awareness to the export of orchids which is one of the most well-known flowers in the world by using the e-commerce industry.

To make the partnership official, Ali Auction signed a memorandum of understanding or MoU with Thai Orchid Exporter Association. For the beginning phase, they will focus on marketing Thai orchids starting with small businesses in China such as wedding planners, restaurants, online florists, florists with physical shops and conference organizers. Sales will be available to individual consumer right from the launch. Going from here, the scope could expand to involve sales with bigger markets.

Thai Orchid Exporter Association’s president, KasanChavanapanit, said that growers of Thai orchids should utilize digital tools in order to survive in the industry in the years to come. The MoU between the two parties is a major step for the orchid trade with a high possibility of expansion. The trade still relies with traditional methods which need to change now.

China is considered to be a huge market because the current value of trades via online channel reaches 36 billion yuan for this year alone. The number is expected to rise by 70 per cent the following year.

Ali Auction’s business development manager, Jun Zhen, said that the partnership will help the Thai orchid growers to cover more Chinese customers that are not easily reached through traditional means. Ali Auction will be able to connect the buyers with the product suppliers. This is the way for small businesses to be sure that the products they are getting are high quality and the prices are competitive. They can also guarantee that the vase life of the orchids is longer.

This will give the suppliers and orchid exporters in Thailand a pre-sale model which they can use as a basis for the amount of the products they need in order to meet the demands of the customers.