Advantages of Hiring a patent Attorney

The process of patenting an idea or a product requires a lot of paperwork and is often long drawn. It takes years to complete the patenting process from submitting the application to getting the patent granted.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a patent by themselves without the help of an attorney. However, the complicated process often scares new entrepreneurs and innovators. Hiring the services of an experienced patent attorney helps innovators to get sound advice on How to patent an idea and complete the process easily.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a patent attorney.

  1. An experienced patent attorney has complete understanding of the requirements of filing a patent application. The attorney can guide innovators and help them to comply with the myriad set of rules, statutes and laws regarding the patent process.
  2. The attorney can determine whether your invention is suitable to get a patent. Experienced attorneys have systems in place to conduct a patent search. They can search different sources to determine there are no patents for similar products or ideas.
  3. A patent attorney can help you research the commercial viability of your innovation. Applying for patent is an expensive process, it is important to research whether your idea is commercially viable before investing huge amount of time and money in the patenting process.
  4. The attorneys are experienced in handling all the paperwork related to filing the patent application. They can guide the innovators to get the relevant information and fill the application in a proper manner, to ensure that the application is not rejected.
  5. The patent attorneys have experience in dealing with the correspondence with patent officers. They can handle the interviews and written correspondence in a fairly good manner to make sure your application is not rejected by the patent office.
  6. Intellectual property attorneys can help innovators to take the necessary steps, if the patent application gets rejected more than twice.

Though hiring a patent attorney is an expensive decision, the benefits are many. Entrepreneurs can get detailed guidance and advice on How to patent an idea or product and can benefit from the attorneys experience in handling the entire process. However, they have to choose an attorney with good reputation and experience, who works in the best interest of his clients.