Adding Character To The Hardwood Flooring

Years ago, people do not put so much importance on floors; after all they are just the bottom surface of a room. Today, floors have become an integral part of design like the walls, carpets and furniture. Personalized timber flooring services in Sydney can now be enjoyed by homeowners to ensure beautiful and durable results of hardwood flooring that will complement the home’s aesthetics.

According to National Wood Flooring Association, a home’s ambience can be updated by using wider and longer planks of hardwood with darker stains and vintage styles. Hardwood flooring when maintained properly can last for a lifetime. However, it does not mean that the flooring cannot be changed to present trends. Wood can be stained with colour, white washed, lime washed or wire brushed to achieve a distressed look.

One of the latest options to create a hot look is to finish the floor in gray tones. Many people are using the layered colour systems to achieve a weathered look but gray tones can easily provide the floor with a rustic character.

In New England, many homeowners opt for the traditional red and white oak floors in natural finishes but there has been a shift towards darker hues. According to Brian Harding, owner of Connecticut Flooring, when homeowners redo their floors they prefer the medium to darker colours. Espresso stains have become popular as well as greys and planks with the smokey effect.

Homeowners who are installing new hardwood flooring have more choices when it comes to patterns, plank sizes and materials. There are wider widths and longer lengths including reclaimed and recycled flooring from pallet wood and barn wood. There is also more interest towards floors that have been laid in non-traditional styles like diagonal patterns, medallion inlays and parquets.

When hiring timber flooring services in Sydney it is important to check whether you can customize the colours, materials and patterns. If you are looking for inspiration, discuss your needs with the flooring installers because their extensive experience makes them the best source of advice. You have to start on making choices soon whether you are installing new floors or refinishing the existing ones.