A Good Deed From A Painter And Decorator

A free home makeover is offered by a painter and decorator, William Leggatt, to families who are in need. His inspiration came from the family he has the opportunity to meet in 2017. According to Leggatt from Swansea, he promised to devote one of his weekend every month in order to help those families struggling because of various reasons like financial issues, sickness or house fires. This gives hope to a Sydney painter because there are still good Samaritans out there.

Within a week of posting on social media, he got almost a thousand families who are hoping to be chosen.

This is not the first time Leggatt helped a family in need because last year he gave his time and resources to the Stevens family. He redecorated their home without charging them anything. The decision came after Angela, the mother, was found to have terminal cancer while Michael, their son with autism, was sent into care.

Leggatt who is 27 years old shared how he felt good afterwards and decided to help more families. He added that he is helping because he has the capacity to do so and he knows it is the right thing.

William is the owner of Paint Pots Swansea, a local business. He posted a similar status of offering his time and skills early last year when a social service worker saw it and introduced him to the Stevens. During that time, Angela is set to have an operation due to her ovarian cancer but her disease progressed into terminal stage.

The husband, Leon, was struggling with his wife’s diagnosis and he is also in charge of taking care of their 16 year old son with autism. They had to move into a new home but it requires refurbishing and this is when William comes in to help.

He said that he made sure the house was renovated because the mother is coming home to spend her remaining days there. Many are in awe with his kindness including a Sydney painter because they know the effort put into sanding walls, painting as well as wallpapering.