6th Million Invisalign Patient Comes From Beijing, China

An increasing number of adolescents are choosing Reading Invisalign aligners because it fits well to a student’s busy lifestyle. According to Align Technology, there are more than 6 million patients who have begun treatment with Invisalign clear aligners. The number includes 1.4 million teenage patients.

Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system across the world and more than 150,000 Invisalign-dentists and orthodontists are adopting the system to treat their adult and teenage patients. The 6th million Invisalign patient is 12-year old student, Yuzhe Wang from the International School of Beijing.

Treatment started in October 2018 through the Invisalign Comprehensive and Mandibular Advancement treatment provided by Dr. Jiawei Wo of the Yuxueyuan Dental Clinic. Dr. Wo is a Gold Invisalign-trained doctor in Beijing, China with specialization in pediatric orthodontics.

Patient Yuzhe Wang has class II type of teeth misalignment and Dr. Wo prescribed Invisalign clear aligner therapy because it fits well with her busy lifestyle. According to Dr. Wo, Invisalign treatment with Mandibular Advancement moves the lower jaw forward while aligning the teeth at the same time. Fewer appointments are required compared to traditional orthodontic appliances. A student can continue with the studies and daily activities without any interruptions from dental appointments.

The milestone achievement of Invisalign is a reflection of the growing demand for clear aligners particularly from international markets like China. China is the second largest market for Invisalign aligners and the number of patients doubled each year since the dental appliance was launched in China in 2011.

Dr. Jiawei Wo and other Invisalign-trained dentists and orthodontists have helped greatly in making Invisalign clear aligners as the treatment choice among teens. Invisalign gives teens a chance to have a beautiful straight smile that increases their confidence. This proves that there is an enormous opportunity in the Asia Pacific region for Invisalign providers.

Dental professionals often suggest Reading Invisalign as the most advanced treatment to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. The clear aligners are exceptionally popular option for both adults and teens because of convenience and comfort. There are no wires and brackets that rub against the cheeks and gums.  The clear aligners fit perfectly on the teeth in an unnoticeable manner.