3 Things To Check From The Website Of International School In Bangkok

Moving to Thailand with your family means looking not only a house where you will stay, but also an international school to enrol your children. Finding an international school in Bangkok is not that difficult because you can have several choices. However, to find a reputable academic institution for your student, you’d have to be extra picky. One way to scrutinize a school is by visiting its website https://www.standrewssathorn.com/ to gather your needed information. Here are some ideas on what to look for.

Number of school enrolees

One of the things that you might want to check is the number of the international school’s enrolees. Aside from checking the school’s website, visit the school and talk to the administration to find out if their number of employees have increased or decreased within the past five years. It would also be best to check if the school has ample facilities and equipment that can accommodate the number of their enrolees.Aside from visiting the website at https://www.standrewssathorn.com/, you will also learn when you visit the school if they have a suitable number for student-teacher ratio. Consider it a red flag if the international school has low number of enrolees or high number of drop-outs.

International Standards

Choose a British international school in Thailand that offers international academic standards with emphasis on English competency or ESL. There should also be a balance of focus between academic excellence and extracurricular activities for holistic child development. An ideal international school should promote interpersonal and communication skills, sports development, social well-being and other important socio-academic aspects.

Increased number of successful graduates         

Another way to know if the British school at https://www.standrewssathorn.com/is reputable, you have to check on the number of their successful graduates for the last five consecutive academic school years. You might also want to determine the passing rates of students taking aptitude exams or college admission tests. Read school reviews and testimonials from parents to find out more about the British international school that you are considering for your children.  Talk to some parents for additional information.